41Caijing’s global press release distribution strategy has been enhanced with press release distribution packages for select countries such as Thailand


Recently, the leading international press release distribution platform improved its strategy and launched targeted press release services for specific countries, new press release distribution services in Thailand, India, Indonesia and in other countries and regions, and provided more customers with professional press release distribution. services.

It is reported that 41Caijing is a press release distribution platform from China, focusing on global press release distribution and overseas online promotion. It has entered into cooperation with famous media sites and news agencies in the world and distributes press releases, including Associated Press in USA, France AFP, UK Reuters, Jiji Press in Japan, Bloomberg, ANSA in Italy , the Turkish news agency Anadolu and Iberia News in Spain. Agency, which can cover more than 200 countries from the five continents of the world. Countries including Japan, South Korea, Germany, India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, etc. reach more than 120,000 news sites;

After 7 years of accumulation, 41Caijing’s operation team has served more than 6,000 companies and issued more than 150,000 press releases in Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, German and other languages, improving the Google indexing, including web portals, TV media, outdoor big screen, blockchain media, to achieve comprehensive coverage of news delivery with low package price, high inclusion and many value-added services .

41Caijing’s press release distribution service has a resource pool with high-quality foreign English sites to ensure a clear channel, pure foreign intellectual property and first-hand resources. And it has the advantages of high stability, high inclusion, multiple categories, etc., and there are rare resources such as PR7-9 and small languages. Press releases are written manually by professional foreign writers to guarantee their originality. Wide range of distribution channels, profitable and guaranteed inclusion.

41Caijing Press Release Distribution has the following 6 major advantages:


Direct submission of massive media resources, high price, low price and many value-added services, saving you more than 50% of the distribution cost.

Professional team

Local translators in 16 minor languages, 30+ professional editors and 200+ writers to ensure high quality articles.

Personalized service

target the specific population and formulate the delivery plan based on brand attributes.

Global coverage

Covering more than 12,000 news sites in 167 countries on five continents, integrating large outdoor screens, news agencies, online media, television media, newspapers and magazines.

Extremely fast

1V1 service, 1 minute response, 24-hour draft, high efficiency, high-end service, high quality.

Transaction guarantee

Regular company, can sign contracts, issue invoices and reimburse immediately if they are not published.

For more information, please visit the official website of 41Caijing: www.41caijing.com

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