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Leading travel and transportation strategy development firm, Moltke Consulting, has announced a new range of products and services. These are designed specifically around aspects of distribution, with areas of focus such as NDC, airline retail, GDS contracts, customer experience audits and customer health audits. distribution.

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For airlines, new services include the development of a cohesive business strategy, including NDC. Moltke Consulting also manages the implementation of the strategy, including the development of RFPs (Request for Proposals), as well as the management of tender processes with technology providers and/or content aggregators.

For travel sellers, such as OTAs, TMCs and travel agencies, Moltke Consulting now also offers a packaged NDC deployment strategy as well as support with GDSs and supplier contract negotiations.

A number of innovative audit services for travel providers such as airlines, hotels and travel sellers have also been added.

A customer experience audit of traveler travel on the company’s website is now available for travel suppliers and travel sellers. The audit uses a strong analytical approach, classifying the journey into several key parameters, including a detailed assessment of the value proposition, as well as reviews of the positive forces provided by the incentives, as well as the negative forces offsetting friction and l ‘anxiety.

A Distribution Health audit is now offered to all travel suppliers and sellers, comparing overall distribution costs as well as the quality and competitiveness of content delivered and sold.

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“My clients typically fall into one of two categories: they have the in-house expertise to develop the strategy but are unable to commit these critical resources to the project, or on the other hand, they really need the additional expertise,” said Peter. von Moltke, founder and CEO of Moltke Consulting.

Moltke Consulting will examine the potential application of new developments in the travel distribution landscape, such as subscription programs, non-NDC accessories, as well as the potential application of blockchain.

“A number of my clients had to be rescued from an incredibly expensive, never-ending project with one of the big consulting firms,” ​​Moltke said.

“In one instance, my client had hired one of these consulting companies to identify the best technology provider for a new OTA. They had already spent millions when the company identified a preferred technology provider which, unfortunately, could never have provided the desired solution. This was one of the weirdest recommendations I have ever seen.

“Big consulting firms can produce mountains of graphs and charts outlining general and market information, but when it comes to developing a solid strategy for the business, they usually struggle.”

Moltke Consulting differentiates itself from its competitors by guaranteeing practical, fast, affordable and actionable advice. It is designed to provide a refreshing and different experience.

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