Amazon Brings Five-Story Retail Project to the City of Niagara | Business premises


“Our plans continue to move forward,” Grand Island Supervisor John Whitney said. “Congratulations to the City of Niagara.”

The south side of the proposed warehouse for Amazon in the town of Niagara.

Niagara City Planning Board

Depending on demand, the facility would function as a distribution and sorting center. It would receive bulk shipments of products from vendors, vendors, and vendors, then package them to send to another facility for direct shipment to consumers.

The five-story building on the northern part of the site would include a ground floor of 650,000 square feet and four additional floors of 606,750 square feet each, to house the company’s “unique and innovative storage system”. .

The first floor of the concrete and steel building would contain a 580,000 square foot rectangular warehouse, aligned to match the footprint of the upper floors, complete with handling and sorting equipment. The ground floor perimeter would include offices, staging area, receiving area and shipping area.

Proposed Niagara Amazon Warehouse - East and West Views

The east and west sides of the proposed new warehouse and distribution center for Amazon in the city of Niagara.

Niagara City Planning Board

Each of the upper floors will be primarily occupied by approximately 450,000 square feet of fence-enclosed consumer product storage space, with employees located in the remaining space around the perimeter of each floor between the fence and the walls.

The site is zoned as “heavy industry”, making it suitable for storage and distribution terminals, freight forwarding and long-haul trucking.


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