Anambra hotel providers blame high cost of drinks on poor distribution network


Hospitality providers under the umbrella of Anambra State Restaurant and Bar Owners Association (ARBOA), say the distribution channel for beverages, especially beer, is cumbersome.

Association members who met with representatives of some growers in Awka on Sunday blamed the product price inflation on the multiple levels of interaction between retailers and breweries.

Mr. Boniface Akunna, Chairman of the Board of ARBOA, who spoke to reporters after the meeting, said that the artificial shortage was attributable to the delay in delivery and the inability of members to easily access points. of distribution.

Akunna said Anambra is a huge market and producers should establish warehouses in strategic locations instead of leaving product distribution in the hands of dealers.

He said members have also complained that incentives are not reaching them, who are the people at the end of the distribution chain who interact directly with consumers.

“We want a stronger relationship with product supply. We want businesses to feel us too, we are at the mercy of dealers here and they are not processing our orders well because of the delays, the situation is affecting our business.

“If companies have depots here, they will be closer to the masses and prices will also drop, because the supply chain will be shorter.

“We also want them to give us incentives like bonuses, tables, chairs, coolers, if they are closer they will be able to know us, but as it is, only resellers and distributors appreciate these things,” he said.

Mr. Emeka Igwe, leader of the Peoples Democratic Party and guest at the meeting, said that every effort should be made to reduce the number of intermediaries in the leisure and hospitality sector to enable customers to get their money’s worth.

Igwe, who contests the federal constituency of Awka North and Awka South in Anambra, said he was available to work with ARBOA and other stakeholders to ensure they operate in a mutually beneficial environment.

Igwe was represented by Mr. Emmanuel Machie, director of his campaign organization.

In response, a sales representative from one of the drinks makers promised to relay the challenges of restaurant and bar owners to his company for a needed response.

The Rep, who pleaded anonymity, however, stressed that the company relies entirely on resellers for the distribution of products while ensuring that the existing network would be reinforced for greater efficiency.



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