Australia unveils new drought management and agricultural resilience program



Australia unveils new drought management and agricultural resilience program

May 31, 2021

The Australian state and federal governments have launched a new Agricultural Resilience Program, which will provide hands-on training to farmers on sustainable resource management.

The National Farmers Federation (NFF) welcomed recent announcements on the deployment of the Future Drought Fund (FDF) Farm Business Resilience Program, a program that will provide hands-on training to farms on strategic business management, management natural resources social resilience.

“This program will be crucial in building the core business and strategic planning skills of our farmers with respect to resilience and preparedness,” said Tony Mahar, CEO of NFF.

The program will take place in all states and territories, through a partnership between federal, state and territorial governments.

“It’s great to see the federal and state governments working together and pooling their resources to provide resilience and preparedness measures to farmers. The NFF would like to see this kind of JI model rolled out through more drought related measures. “

Farmers and their employees will have access to training workshops that will improve their management and business planning methods, use the data to understand the strategic risks associated with the operation, and discover options for innovation and diversification as well as ‘a range of other tools.

“These workshops will be a great opportunity for farmers to take their business to the next level in terms of risk management, resilience and preparedness,” said Mahar.

Here you will find information about the program and how to register.

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