Beerfarm receives NSW $ 900,000 grant


Western Australia Beer farm received $ 900,000 from the New South Wales government to help it open a new site and brewery on the Central Coast.

Beerfarm is set to build a new production site in Halloran near Warnervale with help from the New South Wales Government’s Regional Job Creation Fund, which the state government says will contribute to create 47 jobs.

“This project also includes improvements to the city’s water connections, sewer lines and digital connectivity, which will pave the way for future jobs and business opportunities in the region,” said the parliamentary secretary. from the Central Coast and Terrigal Deputy Adam Crouch.

The site, at 92 Mountain Road Halloran, will house a restaurant and a production brewery, said George Scott, managing director of Beerfarm.

“Building a brewery in the NSW area has always been one of our ambitions from the start,” he explained.

“Applying for a grant really helped this dream come true. Every little bit counts, doesn’t it. Small producers need all the help they can get. We have a growing market segment and are creating a lot of jobs in our industry, so the more the government supports all local producers, the better for everyone.

The NSW government has increasingly expressed support for the brewing industry following previous Regional Job Creation Fund grants for Tumut River and Jervis Bay Brewing Co, and its plan to action for the brewers of New South Wales.

Obtain the grant

The number of brewers applying for grants has grown in recent years with projects funded both federally, such as the $ 5 million manufacturing modernization grant for brewery expansion projects and at the state level, with regional grants such as New South and West Wales. Australia.

Scott said applying for the grant is a major process.

“We had to send a proposal outlining the business and model envisioned, our intentions for the site and the jobs that would be created in each area of ​​the business and when,” he explained.

“It was a big process but it was so important to us as part of achieving the ambition to build on the central coast.

“The grant met a lot of our planning requirements, which was really helpful. It was really good timing and it helped us document our intentions and get buy-in from the entire Beerfarm team. What do we have to lose? “

The new site

It was unexpectedly revealed earlier this year in local newspapers that Beerfarm would be opening in New South Wales, and while this may have taken Beerfarm off guard initially, the support since has been overwhelmingly positive.

A public consultation submission for the new Beerfarm site said it was “high time for the Central Coast Council to become proactive in encouraging development in the WEZ. [Wyong Employment Zone]”.

The site and brewery will be located midway between Sydney and Newcastle, and the Beerfarm team submitted their applications in March this year and are still awaiting approvals.

“We have received an overwhelming wave of support from the Central Coast community and government and we can’t wait to get started,” Scott said.

Building a second site and brewery has been a key strategy for a number of brewers, including Modus Operandi who recently started serving customers in Newcastle, as well as Ballistic Beer, Stomping Ground and a host of brewers. others across the country, including another brand from Western Australia Good Drinks that didn’t hesitate to move to the east coast.

“Our ambition has always been to build a brewery on either side of the country, we strongly believe in establishing ourselves in like-minded communities and have always believed that freshness is best,” said Scott.

“We had already looked at several opportunities over the past few years, but the Central Coast felt most at home for us. We are really excited to step into the community and move it forward.

The plan is for the Central Coast Brewery to grow, and the acquisition of a large expanse of land will allow them to do so.

“Production planning is in full swing and we will align as much as possible with our existing Metricup site so that we can streamline our operations, but we have designed the brewery on the east coast with scalability in mind,” said Scott explained.

“This has always been our way of doing things, we strongly believe in creating lasting community relationships and creating spaces in which locals and visitors can feel at home, belong and enjoy.

“Beerfarm is as good as its people and we love people, so why not try to work with as much as possible. Beer without a person just doesn’t float our boats! “

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