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Date posted: September 28, 2021 at 12:38 p.m.
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September 28, 2021

Contact: Kimberly Jones, Chief of Staff to Deputy Mayor Kaplan

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Oakland, California – Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan and Council Member Noel Gallo submitted a schedule request for a proposal to proceed with the approval of the African American Sports and Entertainment Group (“AASEG”) non-binding terms of an agreement for the proposed acquisition and development (including purchase, lease and partnership) of the City of Oakland’s 50% undivided interest in the Oakland Complex Coliseum. The Oakland Coliseum property is a large public site that enjoys excellent connectivity throughout the region, including with BART, Amtrak, the highway, and airport access. By developing it in a way that provides jobs, housing at all income levels and government revenues, we can make significant improvements for the community of Oakland, especially in the East Oakland area where it is located. If approved, awarding this vital development site to an African-American development group based in Oakland would help address significant racial disparities in Oakland’s contracts and economic opportunities. The item’s programming request will be heard this Thursday, September 30, 2021, during the Rules Committee meeting at 10:30 am. It is proposed that this item be submitted to the full Council in October.

Vice-Mayor Kaplan has been working for several years on the revitalization of the Colosseum. Two years ago, in an editorial for the Oakland Post, she wrote about existing concerns about the loss of jobs, the lack of affordable housing and the continued erosion of the black community in East Oakland, and how community-based revitalization can help address these issues. See Op-Ed at

AASEG is an Oakland-based group that focuses on creating economic opportunity for the black community of East Oakland, as well as the community of Oakland and beyond, and uses the Coliseum complex as a vehicle for economic equity. and social justice. The AASEG agreed to pay 35% affordable housing and cover the city’s project costs during the negotiation process. The group expects the creation of up to 40,000 jobs and a significant integration of local residents. AASEG already cleared a major hurdle when Oakland City Council passed Deputy Mayor Kaplan’s proposal Resolution 88764, on July 20, 2021, which ordered the city administrator to negotiate with AASEG the potential terms of the deal for the city’s interest in the Colosseum complex. In addition, AASEG has already submitted a proposal to the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to rent the arena on the Coliseum site for a WNBA team, the terms of which have been approved by the board. Oakland City Council and the entire JPA Board of Directors. .

Currently, the City of Oakland owns a 50% share of the large, easily accessible property known as the Coliseum. The site is a major regional hub, served by BART, Amtrak, an airport connector and a highway, and providing thousands of jobs to residents of Oakland. It also contains many acres which can be used to provide housing for all income levels, jobs, businesses, sports, entertainment and more, and which have completed both the environmental review and the process. notification of the Surplus Land Act, to allow for its revitalization. Since much of the Oakland community, including parts of East Oakland, has been affected by past decisions that have undermined opportunities and increased inequalities, development must be done in a way that improves, and not to harm, the conditions of long-standing communities affected in disparate ways, and be planned in close connection with the needs of the community.

AASEG has received broad support from the Oakland community. More than 40 community and labor groups have expressed support for AASEG’s vision and plans for the Coliseum complex, building trades and construction at the African American Chamber of Commerce in Oakland. Oakland residents are excited about AASEG’s plans to inject much needed economic vitality into East Oakland, which would benefit all of Oakland.

Oakland Deputy Mayor Rebecca Kaplan said: “I am delighted that we have the opportunity to bring jobs, housing at all income levels, sports, entertainment and more to this vital Oakland site in a way that strengthens equity and the dynamism of the community in this place accessible to public transport. ”

Oakland Council Member Noel Gallo, who actively supports the region’s improvement efforts, said: “We see the damage from the plague and abandonment, and our communities in and around East Oakland deserve better. I am honored to help advance this important proposition of AASEG, to help improve and uplift our community. ”

Ray Bobbitt, from AASEG said: “The African American Sports and Entertainment Group (AASEG) has agreed with City Negotiators to increase its bid to 115 million euros for the city’s 50% undivided stake in the Coliseum complex. In addition, AASEG agreed to other key negotiating elements including 35% affordable housing and city cost coverage during the negotiation process. AASEG will be submitting today its revised terms sheet, which leaves open the options of buying the site, leasing the site or partnering with the City on the site. “

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