Continuing education initiatives focus on robotics, sustainability and more

In the face of accelerating e-commerce activity, workforce issues and a host of other challenges, supply chain companies are stepping up training and continuing education initiatives for employees and customers. This week, sustainability assessment company EcoVadis launched an online learning platform designed to help customers improve their sustainability practices and performance, specifically helping them tackle what the company calls “priority areas for improvement” in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. Called EcoVadis Academy, the online platform offers 16 courses in five languages, all of which incorporate interactive navigation, videos and case studies to engage employees in their company’s sustainability initiatives. Users can start with introductory courses that provide basic knowledge, and then progress with more in-depth content that allows them to address areas of improvement with specific actions, the company said. Danish robotics company OnRobot is also stepping up a new training initiative, launching its Learn OnRobot platform at the end of October. The free online learning tool guides users of all skill levels through the steps involved in designing and deploying collaborative robot (cobot) applications. The company describes the program as a library of simple, straightforward hands-on videos and 3-dimensional simulations that offer in-depth information on collaborative applications, including machine maintenance, palletizing, pick and place, and sanding. The platform is accessible via PC, smartphone and tablet and aims to alleviate labor shortages by helping companies deploy cobot automation solutions faster and more efficiently. Company executives say the program is part of its effort to “democratize” technology. It is available to customers and prospects. “OnRobot’s solutions remove barriers to the adoption of automation by making affordable, out-of-the-box and easy-to-use technologies available to businesses of all sizes,” said Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of ‘OnRobot, in a statement. “Learn OnRobot continues this tradition of democratization and the removal of obstacles by making the know-how of collaborative applications available free of charge to anyone with an Internet connection, from potential customers curious about our offers to partners, integrators and end users of all skill levels looking to maximize the success of their automation deployment. Supply chain technology company Blume Global invests internally with a continuing education program designed to help employees at all levels improve their business and supply chain skills. The programs are offered in conjunction with online course provider Coursera and the Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Stanford University. The Stanford program is designed to help employees develop their leadership skills and consists of a virtual intensive program as well as a five-day residential program at the Stanford GSB campus. Employees receive a Stanford GSB certificate upon completion. With Coursera, Blume employees have access to 80 hours of training during working hours through the Coursera platform, including courses and guided projects in supply chain management, data science, software engineering. , programming languages, cloud, IT, IT operations, testing tools, Google Cloud Platform and web development.

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