COOLLAUNCH.IO- In-depth tiered membership structure and fair distribution model


At COOLLAUNCH, rewarding loyal members of our community with guaranteed stipends to projects launched through the platform is what we love to do. Similar to our relaunch structure, projects launched through us will host a broad distribution model, while sporting relatively low contribution caps per individual. Our design is designed to maintain both the fundamental and proven economic structures that offer the best opportunities for organic growth, while presenting a wider distribution to (potentially) risk-averse contributors. Along with our native insurance policy, Coollaunch has made sure to implement user experience and protection as top priorities.


There are currently 4 tiers our users are eligible for. The requirements for each level are detailed below:

Tier system

After careful consideration and deliberation by the community, we designed the tier system to allow early adopters access, while limiting the number of community members eligible for placement. As with any limited asset, level positions should be expected to overvalue smaller holders for this reason level requirements are subject to governance. They can be restructured or reformatted in a pattern that allows the community to grow and/or make the levels more accessible.


Projects launched through the CoolLaunch platform will each have their own designated staking pool. COOL holders who wish to participate in the sale will need to stake a minimum number of COOLs in the respective pool for 7 days prior to the sale of a project to secure an allocation for that project.

Pool weight (Example)

Here is an example of how pool levels and weight would allow us to calculate the allocation for a sale:

A project launched via CoolLaunch, say (Project Z) wants to sell 5,000,000 tokens on its initial launch. 200 COOL holders have staked their required amount to get an allocation on the sale of Project Z.

100 Pawn Members have staked their required 100,000 COOL each for 7 days

(Pool weight 1X*100=100 pool shares)

50 Knight members wagered their required 400,000 COOL each for 7 days

(Pool weight 2X*50=100 pool shares)

40 Bishop members staked their required 1,000,000 COOL each for 7 days

(Pool weight 3X*40=120 pool shares)

10 King members have staked their required 2,000,000 COOL each for 7 days

The total number of pool shares for all tier members is (Ts=100+100+120+40=360). Therefore, the 5,000,000 tokens available in the Project Z sale would be divided by 360 (5,000,000/360 = 13,888.8) Each share of the pool weight equals 13,888.8 tokens, which means that Pawn members (Pool Weight 1X) would have the ability to purchase 13,888.8 tokens, Knight Members (Pool Weight 2X) would purchase 27,777.6 tokens, and Bishop Members (Pool Weight 3X) would have 41,666, 4 tokens

King members (Pool Weight 4X) would have 55,555.2 tokens in the sale of Project Z.


Acquisition, soft/hard caps for projects will be determined on a case-by-case basis to meet the requirements of our launch partners.

Although a COOL member may bid and qualify for an allocation in the sale of a project, not all members of the community may fulfill their allocation. If a project’s first round of selling ends and it hasn’t reached its cap, the remaining tokens will be released in a second round. Tokens will be available in this round on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis, and are accessible to both COOL community members and non-COOL members.

The Pawn Pool weight allowance that was calculated in round one will carry over to round two, setting the new maximum cap per individual.

Staking and Continuing Assurance Policy

COOL community funders who participate in project sales are eligible for coverage under Coollaunch’s insurance policy. This feature will be designed to provide community members with a sense of financial protection in the event of a project not deploying. To be eligible for insurance coverage, a COOL Contributor must maintain their staked COOL in a project’s designated staking pool after a sale is completed.

The terms, conditions and requirements of the Coollaunch insurance policy will be expressed in more detail in a later article.

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