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Distribution of Pots and Saplings at Sipara College – Bihar Latest News | Current Bihar News

Patna, October 17: Vinita Kumari, godmother and social worker of the Didiji Foundation, distributed pots and saplings to children and raised awareness about environmental protection at Patna Middle School, Sipara. Under the leadership of the State Honored Teacher, Dr. Namrata Anand, an awareness campaign was conducted among the children of Sipara Middle School regarding environmental protection. On this occasion, Vineeta Kumari, godmother and social worker of the Didiji Foundation distributed pots and young shoots and made the children aware of the protection of the environment.

Dr. Namrata Anand said that the word environment is formed from the combination of “cover and cover”. “Pari” means around and “Avaran” means environment. Environment i.e. all living beings including flora, fauna and the human race and the physical complex associated with them is called environment. Protecting the environment from pollution is called environmental protection. The main objective of environmental protection is to protect the environment or natural resources for the future. In this century, we continually harm the environment in the name of development. The environmental balance is deteriorating due to scientific activities. Along with this, in the name of industrialization and sometimes in the name of urbanization, there has been indiscriminate felling of trees.

The environmental crisis is also worsening due to the increase in population. People should pay attention to forest conservation. Social worker Vinita Kumari said that currently the environment has become unbalanced. Due to the increase in population, industrialization, indiscriminate use of natural resources, the global temperature is rising to an alarming level. Environmental protection is closely linked to all citizens of the world and to the natural environment. In order to protect the environment, it is necessary to control the causes that pollute the environment. Environmental protection is not the business of a single person or a single country, it is the duty of people all over the world to preserve the environment.

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Krishna Nandan Prasad, the headmaster of the school, said, “If we don’t warn in time and don’t think about saving the environment, it can have disastrous consequences. Throughout the solar system, life is only possible on our earth, but it is not for long. We must protect the environment by making it pollution-free in time. The importance of human beings in the environment is just as important as that of other animals. The presence of trees and plants is essential for the sole survival of human beings. We get oxygen from these plants.

On this occasion Neelam Sharma, Urmila Kumari, Padmavati Kumari, Manju Kumari, Sangeeta Kumari, Abha Kumari Sharma, Vidya Kumari, Rajesh Ranjan, philanthropists Alpana Sinha, Chhaya Srivastava, Namita Sinha and Nidhi Sinha encouraged all children to protect the environment. .

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