Distribution Questions—How to Get Your Business Blogs Read


In today’s ever-expanding digital economy, it seems like it’s easier than ever to reach consumers. Almost everyone owns a smartphone or laptop, which connects businesses and consumers through the Internet. The conditions for effective digital advertising are almost too perfect, so why do some companies fail to promote content?

It all boils down to one thing: Distribution. Most companies keep consumers engaged through blogging and a constant stream of new content on their websites. It has been shown to improve the success of websites in search engines. Blogs can encourage the public to explore other parts of the website and eventually purchase products and services. However, content creation alone is not enough to increase traffic. Promotional blogs require strategic distribution.

Content without strategic distribution is publishing in a vacuum. People can’t read a blog they don’t know. Blogs that lack traffic are lost in the vastness of the web, essentially making them an untapped resource. If consumers are going to read blogs, the blogs themselves need to be promoted. Here’s how:

Paid Social Advertising

Since its inception, content promoters have understood the ability of social media to deliver content to consumers. However, recent reports show that reaching users organically through traditional social media sharing is harder than ever. It means that paid social ads are gaining popularity among content promoters. Kelly Campbell, head of social media for Alabama Media Group, recognizes the weight of paid social ads today. “If your business invests money and/or time in creating content like blogs, that content needs to be seen,” says Campbell. “An affordable way to get lots of views and traffic to your blog is to use paid social advertising.”

Sharing on social accounts

While it’s harder to reach audiences without paid ads, it’s both free and engaging to share content directly from social media accounts. Promoters can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to create pages from which content can be shared. This distribution method allows consumers to directly interact with content and even share it. New subscribers and customers can be reached, expanding the content consumer audience and increasing traffic. Considering it’s both engaging and readily available, social media sharing is an accessible way to strategically distribute content.

Take advantage of emailing

While social media is an effective way to reach new audiences, using email newsletter subscribers is a way to promote content to a current customer base who may not be aware of the content. . E-mailing is an incredibly versatile form of telecommunication, allowing businesses to get creative with promotional activities. Here are some examples of how to take advantage of email marketing to promote content:

  • Send alerts to subscribers when new content is published
  • Create a dedicated newsletter to keep consumers engaged
  • Encourage subscribers to forward emails and content

Promote in niche communities

Niche communities exist all over the web. Platforms like Reddit have boards for everything you can imagine, from memes to astrophysics. It takes an analytical eye to find niche communities to promote content to. If done right, however, these hyper-targeted communities can be one of the best places to share content and blogs. The specificity of niche groups allows content promoters to find even the most particular types of consumers. They may also be more willing to share the content themselves and show more enthusiasm about it. Overall, niche communities can be a great way to target a distinct audience and gain access to a new group of consumers.

How we distribute at Alabama Media Group

At AMG, one of our favorite forms of distribution is paid social advertising. “The best part about promoting your blog on social media is that you can target it to a particular audience that matches the topic of each blog,” says Kelly Campbell. “The sky’s the limit when it comes to social.” Given their growing use among content promoters, paid social ads are becoming more essential to distribution every day.

Our team of creative marketing aficionados can not only help you write blog content designed to boost your SEO while giving potential customers great insight, but we can also make sure your blogs are read by the right people. ! Contact Alabama Media Group today to up the ante on your blogging strategy.


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