Evolv AI Releases Flows, a New Approach to Understanding Digital Customer Behavior and Achieving Better Results


SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Evolv AI (evolv.ai), a leader in customer experience optimization and personalization (CX), today announced Flows, which visualizes digital experiences. For customers using the Evolv AI Experience platform to experience and optimize their CX, Flows provides a new level of customer journey data, allowing them to clearly visualize where friction is caused by a specific element on a given page. For teams responsible for digital channels, it is an essential tool to understand and correct where in the customer journey an experience is insufficient and has a negative impact on business results.

As the complexity and sophistication of digital customer experiences continues to grow and become more personalized, businesses must rethink how to manage, monitor, and continually improve these experiences. Successfully optimizing customer experiences to meet business goals requires the ability to address several potential elements of their journey, including emails, web pages, mobile apps, and digital kiosks. Each item that a customer comes in contact with has different touch points. These can include the home page, a product listing page (PLP), a product detail page (PDP), as well as cart and checkout pages. With so many elements and touchpoints, the total number of possible events and unique flows that make up a customer’s experience from start to finish grows exponentially. A single interrupted interaction or a missed wait can cause a visitor to abandon their trip.

The Evolv AI experience platform enables customers to optimize the customer experience at a scale and at a speed previously unattainable. Flows visualizes all the aspects and parameters with which the platform is experimenting. These typically include the design layout, content, call to action (CTA), and business logic such as pricing or offers. With this rich visualization of user flow, users are able to better manage their project and target their efforts based on a clearer understanding of the challenges of the journey and the ideas that have impact.

“Today’s digital journeys are more complicated than ever with people from all walks of life conducting business through multiple digital channels,” said Michael Scharff, CEO and co-founder of Evolv AI. “Companies that really want to take advantage of the boom in e-commerce and digital business need to change the way they do business to optimize their CX, which requires new ways to holistically visualize journeys and act quickly on them. information. ”

Flows visualizes the entire customer experience and each of its touch points. It provides an intuitive and powerful way to analyze and compare data, including insights into the behavior of different customer segments. It streamlines the process of delivering better customer experiences in several key ways, including:

  • Discover specific problems with an experiment which can be used to prioritize the next set of ideas and experiences to optimize the desired results.
  • Identify and quantify the resulting changes in customer behavior which simplifies reporting on the success of an optimization program and the additional gains achieved through targeted segmentation and personalization.
  • Break down silos between teams by providing a holistic view of the entire customer experience across all digital channels to ensure an efficient journey as customers navigate between mobile, web, chatbots, and more.
  • Driving efficiency and agility reducing the need for manual flowcharts, waiting for data to be generated, and having to switch between many tools to get the information you need.

The feeds will be made available to existing and new customers using the Evolv AI experience platform in the fourth quarter of 2021.

About Evolv AI

Our AI-powered optimization and personalization platform continuously delivers better experiences that connect with visitors and customers. This is why digital leaders rely on us to define their experimentation strategy, generate a constant source of new ideas to explore and leverage our proprietary AI to gradually optimize their customer experience (CX) in order to find the right one. better customer journey. We are proud to work with companies such as AT&T, Mobly, Rakuten and SAP, as well as partners with Accenture, Cognizant and Full Cup Creative. Learn more about evolv.ai.

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