Fake ICICI Bank banking webpage: Delhi police warn people


New scam is circulating where crooks trick bank users and customers into uploading their personal and credentials including online banking login ID and other information on fake ICICI banking webpage . The case fell on the Delhi Police Cybercrime Department and they are warning netizens about it.

As soon as the Cyber ​​branch of Delhi Police found out, they immediately took action and immediately blocked the site and continued to check the details, so that ICICI bank customers would no longer be fooled by this Ponzi scheme.

Sanjay Jha, a former spokesperson for the Indian National Congress, has briefed the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell on what is happening here.

The Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell responded to this tweet from Sanjay Jha with the following tweet:

This is not the first time that Delhi Police’s cyber cell has taken action to warn people about scams and fraud schemes. Just recently, people were told of a scam in which fraudsters tricked users into committing cyber theft by asking them to verify their numbers due to KYC verification issues, by the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell.

In the above Twitter post, the organization shared steps that will help users protect themselves.

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