Front Line Expands Distribution of COBRA-OS Device


Front Line Medical Technologies has expanded the availability and distribution of its COBRA-OS (Control of Bleeding, Resuscitation, Arterial Occlusion System) system, as US and Canadian hospitals continue to implement the aortic occlusion device in various surgical and emergency cases.

Previously available in limited quantities, Front Line is now increasing production based on patient success rates and hospital interest in seeking modern trauma technology solutions.

The COBRA-OS, approved by Health Canada and authorized by the FDA, is the first French device of 4 REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta) and the smallest on the market. The device can provide full, intermittent, or partial occlusion depending on the patient’s needs, and features a uniquely designed safety shoulder reservoir built into the device to help prevent aortic rupture during inflation.

In addition to trauma, COBRA-OS was recently used to treat a pregnant patient to help reduce bleeding associated with placenta percreta, a condition with high mortality for both mother and child. It has even been used in non-bleeding situations to bring a patient back to life who went into cardiac arrest outside of the hospital and underwent CPR for 30 minutes before arriving in the ER.

At Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada, vascular surgeon and co-creator of COBRA-OS, Dr. Adam Power, has successfully used the device in cases of traumatic hemorrhage to stabilize patients, providing a critical time to get patients to the operating room for definitive care.

Dr Power said: ‘COBRA-OS is tiny but has a huge impact on patients. When a patient is bleeding to death in front of you, simple solutions are key, and the COBRA-OS is the simplest REBOA device available. When COBRA-OS is used appropriately, it can be one of the most powerful tools in your hemorrhage control toolbox. »


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