Genius Brands Unveils Kartoon Channel Global Distribution Strategy! Worldwide –


Following the imminent acquisition of WOW! Unlimited Media Inc. and a strategic investment in German company Your Family Entertainment AG, Genius Brands has unveiled a new “block” of children’s animated series and extended distribution for its international channels.

The new range and the new brand image are led by Kartoon Channel! Worldwide new Managing Director Paul Robinson, who was previously Managing Director of Walt Disney Television International and Senior Vice President of Disney Channel Worldwide.

The new block on the YFE International channels will be called KARTOON GENIUS and will provide positive entertainment for children, underlined by “safety and enrichment”.

KARTOON GENIUS will air every morning on Genius Brands International’s new channel footprint across Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, and is the first step in improving the quality and range of content on the platforms. existing structures of YFE.

“With his background as Managing Director of Walt Disney Television International and his successful history of building children’s content delivery systems around the world, there is no one in my opinion more qualified than Paul Robinson. to create value for this business and create the next great global distribution system for children. Said Andy Heyward, President and CEO of Genius Brands.

Paul Robinson commented, “I am pleased to announce the first global initiative to improve and deliver even better content and experiences to children, families and our affiliate partners in international markets through KARTOON GENIUS, a daily block premium, exclusive, branded, animated content first, which will be defined not only by its entertaining character, but also by its safety and enrichment.

“In today’s world, more than ever, parents want to know that what their children are watching on TV is safe. We hear this over and over again, and Genius Brands is committed to fulfilling it not only as a producer, but also now as a global broadcaster through Kartoon Channel! Worldwide.

“There will be no violence, no inappropriate language, images, negative role models or stereotypes. Kartoon channel! in the United States has adopted these messages, which we now plan to elevate globally through our expanded lineup and increased distribution footprint in Europe / Middle East / Africa, Asia-Pacific and South America. We believe that there is no other global children’s channel system today that offers this level of quality, secure content.

KARTOON GENUIS ‘new global lineup will feature first-run and exclusive content led by:

  • Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten (photo), with Arnold Schwarzenegger: health, exercise and nutrition
  • Rainbow rangers: the protection of the environment
  • Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaire Club: financial literacy for children
  • Albert: answering children’s questions, such as the origins of life and how things work
  • Yoghurt space: creative problem solving and teamwork
  • Children’s songs: have fun, sing together and get up and dance
  • To restart: adventures around the first fully computer-generated characters

Robinson adds: “Kartoon Channel! Worldwide plans to expand the existing footprint of its international YFE channels by partnering across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia with pay TV platforms that currently do not broadcast not the chain and need a safe and high quality children’s chain.

“In addition, as a Kartoon chain! made in the United States, we plan to expand the distribution in international markets to connected devices, smart TVs, tablets and mobile devices, with access through Android TV and Apple TV, as well as AVoD channels, SVoD and FAST in international markets.

Andy Heyward commented, “This launch immediately follows and builds on the impending acquisition of WOW! Unlimited Media and strategic investment in YFE, one of the largest European distributors and broadcasters of high quality programs for children and families.

“YFE brings an award-winning global streaming and broadcast footprint across satellite, cable, OTT and terrestrial networks, allowing us to expand outside of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

“The vision of YFE CEO Stefan Piech and the broadcast experience of COO Bernd Wendeln enrich the leadership team of Genius Brands and help the company become the leading provider and broadcaster of children’s content in the future. .


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