“Girls Planet 999” Reveals Provisional Rankings Before Next Creation Mission


In the October 1 episode of “Girls Planet 999,” the participants who survived last week’s elimination had to reorganize their teams for the next creation mission.

Unlike previous missions, the Creation Mission will feature all new songs, and contestants will be directly involved in rap making, choreography, and / or song arrangement.

The “U + Me = LOVE” team, which started with 10 members, was down to four after the second round of the playoffs. The lead singer and the lead singer in charge of the key part were gone, meaning the team had to wait for other interns to be reassigned to their group before they could rehearse.

The “Utopia” and “Snake” teams have been reorganized, with Seo Young Eun and Kim Su Yeon being transferred to the “U + Me = LOVE” team. The shoot! ”The team didn’t lose or add members and kept the same parts, meaning they had a smooth rehearsal.

The day before the mission, the show unveiled the intermediate ranking of the Top 18 for the remaining competitors.

  1. Shen Xiao Ting
  2. Kim Da Yeon
  3. Ezaki Hikaru
  4. Sakamoto mashiro
  5. Kawaguchi Yurina
  6. Choi Yu Jin
  7. Su Rui Qi
  8. Kim chae hyun
  9. Nonaka shana
  10. Fu ya ning
  11. Kang Ye Seo
  12. Seo Young Eun
  13. Huening Bahiyyih
  14. Wen Zhe
  15. Huang Xing Qiao
  16. Ikema Ruan
  17. Nagai manami
  18. Chen Hsin Wei

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