Google Calendar Chromebook productivity experience officially appears


Chromebooks benefit from native Google Calendar integration with the next calendar productivity experience. As we discussed earlier, this will give you quick access to a monthly view to see which date falls on which day of the month, and so on to make you more productive. In the past, I have personally had to launch the Google Calendar web app to perform such a simple task, and since Windows has had it for years, it made me very happy to finally get it on Chrome OS.

Last night, I was playing with my device in Canary mode, and I came across the experience as it was finally uploaded! I checked every day for this and it’s finally here, but accessing it was definitely done in a way I never expected. As you can see in the video below, by enabling the Developer Productivity Experience indicator mentioned above: Monthly Calendar View, you are ready to start using it.


Productivity test: Monthly calendar view

Display the monthly calendar view with Google Calendar events to increase productivity by helping users view their schedules faster. – Chrome OS

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Clicking on the clock at the bottom right of the shelf will show your Quick Settings, along with any notifications you might receive from apps and web apps. However, if the Show date in status bar indicator is also enabled, you can access the new Calendar widget by clicking on that date! At that time, I had to try twice to trigger it, but that’s because it’s still early in development.

If you hover over it and scroll, you can go all the way to 2023 before it stops, and I even went all the way back to the 1800s before I got enough of testing. Right now, clicking on any date doesn’t link you to Google Calendar or show you upcoming events, but I imagine that’s probably in the works. There is a “Today” button that takes you back to the current date, an up and down arrow to quickly jump from month to month, and a gear icon that will take you directly to your time settings. and date for the system.


Funny how the Chrome OS mockup I made a while back comes alive a little more every week. Google seems to be on the right track with my predictions for integrations and features and even the visual style of the new Chrome OS. I don’t know how much I predicted or influenced it, but I’m proud to see it happen nonetheless. Granted, the Official Calendar widget looks a lot prettier than mine, but it pretty much matches what I created!

Here is my calendar mockup prediction!

Now all we will need is the “Coming soon” section that I have planned for the tool, a Snapshot Wizard section, and a Hardware that you rework from all over. Let me know in the comments how useful this will be for you when it officially rolls out and whether or not you will use it. Hopefully double-clicking on each date bubble will take you straight to Calendar on the web in time, but we’ll have to wait and see what the company is doing.

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