Google Extends Copy Link To Highlight Functionality To Photos And Videos

  • Google’s ‘copy link to highlight’ feature allows you to highlight specific text while sharing links to stories.
  • This feature helps to highlight a particular section of the web page.
  • Google is now working on bringing this feature to photos and videos.

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new feature called “copy link to highlight” which allows you to link to a certain section of text on the web page that is highlighted. This feature essentially improves link sharing as it allows you to select specific passages of the web page itself and build links. Google is currently working to integrate this functionality into images, videos and other media.

The new feature will allow you to share direct links to images, videos and more multimedia content from web pages. It is an experiment that Google is conducting as spotted by Chrome Story. This feature will allow you to select an image or video on a web page and share a direct link to that particular area. It will work the same as the text highlight feature.

How to copy link to highlight works

Google allows you to select a word, phrase, or paragraph from a web page, then right-click and select “copy link to highlight”. Now when you share the link, the same web page will open but that specific text will be highlighted. This makes it easier for people who want to share only a particular area of ​​the web page instead of all. The other manual methods would be to take a screenshot of this text and also share the link to the webpage. It’s quite complicated because the highlight copy link makes it easy with just three clicks.

With the new feature, you will be able to do the same but with images, videos and any other type of media on the web page. You can still copy the image or video address and directly share that link, but this feature will highlight the media and present it with the entire page. So you not only see the image, but the whole story with the highlighted image.

There is no name yet for this feature other than its experimental flag called “CSS Selector Fragment Anchors”. Chrome Story also suggests that we might see this feature coming to Chrome in just a few weeks.


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