Government urged to monitor food distribution during Ramadan


TEMPO.CO, JakartaHouse of Representatives (DPR) Committee IX member Netty Prasetiyani in a statement on Saturday urged the government to tighten control over the distribution of food and drinks during Ramadan.

“Indonesians tend to consume more during Ramadan. Irresponsible parties can take advantage of this opportunity to make a lot of profit,” she said.

To this end, she asked the government to strengthen its monitoring of the distribution of food and beverages to traditional markets in the regions.

“The surprise inspection should be done at food malls, both in cities and regions,” she noted.

“Be sure that takjil (sweet treats used to break the fast) foods and instant foods sold in markets are free of hazardous materials,” she added.

Ensuring food security is the government’s job to keep people healthy, Prasetiyani said.

“Foods and beverages containing hazardous substances are highly distributed because there are buyers for them. There are still many people who do not understand and cannot recognize foods containing these hazardous substances,” he said. she explains.

She also urged the government to build and disseminate simple methods to identify healthy foods to people that do not require laboratory tests, such as color, smell and viscosity.

“This can also be done by checking the packaging, labels, distribution license and expiration period,” she added.

Cases of food poisoning are common and one of the causes is the lack of consumer knowledge and awareness about healthy and safe foods.

The lawmaker said she also expects the government to monitor and guide processed food entrepreneurs to maintain the safety standards of their food some products.

“Throughout the pandemic, many entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of customers leave behind a lot of leftover products,” Prasetiyani pointed out.

“We cannot let expired products be distributed in markets and even enter Eid al-Fitr packages,” she added.

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