Head of DAR to expedite distribution of support services to ARBs


DAR Secretary Conrado Estrella III at the inauguration of a Tulay ng Pangulo project in Palawan.

QUEZON CITY – Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary Conrado Estrella III has pledged to expedite the provision of much-needed support services to ensure the continued productivity of agricultural land allocated to Agrarian Reform (ARB) beneficiaries and discourage them from pawning or selling their farms.

Estrella said one of her top priorities is to keep food flowing smoothly and orderly, as it is the best way to keep prices of agricultural staples affordable.

“Remember that when the supply of goods is plentiful, the price is likely to fall,” Estrella said.

At a time when commodity prices are rising due to the high cost of petroleum products, the DAR chief said that keeping the food supply in the market uninterrupted would go some way to stabilizing prices, which President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. tries to emphasize during his meetings with members of his cabinet and with other important stakeholders.

Previously, Estrella ran the DAR Undersecretary for the Atty Support Services Office. Milagros Isabel Cristobal to prioritize the construction of roads that would connect the bridges built under the “Tulay ng Pangulo para sa Kaunlarang Pang-agraryo” to the main roads leading to the market.

A total of 140 bridges under the said project have already been completed, while the construction of another 29 is underway.

The Head of DAR is also considering the construction of more post-harvest facilities to prevent beneficiary farmers from being harmed by providing them with safe storage facilities where they can store their crops when prices are low and sell them when prices are low. are high.

Estrella observed that the lack of storage facilities makes farmers vulnerable as they are often coerced by unscrupulous traders and middlemen into selling their crops at a very low price instead of watching them rot in their backyards.

“We need to stop this practice because it is one of the main reasons why the prices of products are increasing, because some traders have the nerve to hoard the agricultural products that they have bought at very low prices to create a artificial scarcity, resulting in a sudden upsurge in commodity prices,” he said.(DAR)


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