Highlight of my movie is its distribution plan, says Andaman (2021) director Smita Singh


Smita Singh’s directorial debut Andaman (2021), starring Anand Raaj and starring veterans Sanjay Mishra and Rajesh Tailang in major cameos, has received a positive reception from viewers since its release on a small platform. à la carte form called OpenTheatre.

According to the director, the film, made on a shoestring budget and offering a strong social commentary on the COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s flawed bureaucratic system, was able to make a good recovery thanks to its unique distribution plan and with the support of viewers “as partners in profit”.

The film is available à la carte on the little-known OTT platform for a derisory Rs45. But the real driver is the ‘partnership’ angle where a viewer who loves the film can recommend it online to friends and get a commission in the form of a Rs 15 cashback PayTM every time one of those friends purchases. the film.

“Usually, newbie filmmakers are told not to expect a recovery from their first film, but we’ve been fortunate enough to achieve it,” Smita Singh told Cinestaan.com. “The highlight of my film is its unique distribution plan and I am very surprised that my recovery has been satisfactory.

The filmmaker was well received by audiences and many viewers used the distribution plan to become business partners. “I never dreamed that this plan would create that impact,” she said. “It feels good to see how many people are using that ‘we are the hero of the movie’ hashtag.

“Even UPSC [Union Public Service Commission, the agency that selects the country’s top layer of administrative officers] aspirants love this film and show their love and support, ”added Smita. “They are our real heroes, I think. “

In the film, Anand Raaj plays Abhimanyu, an aspiring Indian Administrative Service (IAS), who is appointed secretary of the panchayat of the village of Bhulanpur, known locally as Andaman due to his inaccessibility, and changes his fate, struggling against corruption and stagnation with its strict values, conviction and leadership qualities.

“I have received a great response from many filmmakers in the industry that we have done a great job,” continued Smita. “If we had had good financial support, it would have taken our film to another level. I never imagined my first project would be this good.

Produced by 8 Pillar Motion Pictures and written by Anand Raaj, the film is currently in progress. broadcast on OpenTheatre.


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