How to increase the quality of your site


Ever wanted to know how surveyors rate sites during their inspections? This short guide will help you understand how your site can achieve the highest levels of quality so that your development can stand out from the competition.

How do surveyors assess sites?

Premier Guarantee’s risk management experts rate each site during their inspections against the following five categories:

  1. Essential health and safety

Site managers must organize health and safety on a site, risks must be managed by applying the general principles of prevention:

  1. Avoid risks as much as possible
  2. Assess the risks that cannot be avoided
  3. Put in place proportionate measures that control them at source

The sites with the highest score should have these procedures in place. There are also minimum requirements that you as a developer must meet.

The Site Manager is responsible for proper site access and public safety, the welfare of construction workers and the measures in place to ensure the safety of excavations, scaffolding / ladders and working conditions at height. They are also responsible for traffic and vehicle safety on site and for electricity and other services. You can find detailed information on each of them in the Premier Warranty Best Practices Guide.

  1. Site management standard

Site managers need to know the correct health and safety regulations and ensure they are followed in the workplace. Their role is to set a good example because the attitude and respect for safety will spread from top to bottom throughout the team. For more details on the attributes of a good site manager, see the Best Practices Guide.

  1. Build quality

In addition to referring to the Premier Warranty Technical Manual to ensure that your site complies with the latest technical standards, you will find some examples of good manufacturing from the photos in the Good Practices Guide.

  1. Site order

Keeping your job site tidy is essential for ensuring worker safety. Cleaning up debris helps reduce the incidence of injury and a clean site will provide secure access to delivery vehicles and suppliers.

The order of the site often affects the quality of workmanship, health and safety and is reflected in the level of management of the site. Therefore, these areas are very closely related when rating the site.

The Premier Warranty Best Practices Guide goes into much more detail on how to keep your site tidy, be sure to read it.

  1. General cooperation

When it comes to evaluating your site, we also assess how well you and your team are working with Premier Guarantee. For example, do you provide the requested documentation? Are defects resolved before your next inspection? Is a proactive and professional approach taken?

Download the Premier Warranty Best Practices Guide for complete details on how to improve the quality of your site.

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