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LAHORE: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has called for transparent distribution of government aid among flood-affected people, demanding action following reports of mismanagement and corruption in relief funds and goods .

Addressing a press conference in Mansoorah here on Friday, Acting Head of JI Liaqaut Baloch highlighted the problem of lack of coordination in flood relief work at government level.

“There is an urgent need to prepare a national action plan and an effective network for the relief services comprising federal, provincial and district governments and other stakeholder institutions,” he said.

With a well-connected network to deal with natural disasters, he said, administrative expenses could be saved, ensuring rapid service delivery for people affected by floods.

Baloch thanked the international community for its help and called for the adoption of the “Madina model” of brotherhood at the national level.

He says the floods have affected some 35 million people in the country, “while Allah Almighty has saved another 185 million from calamity and it is a test and a challenge for them how they reached out to their brothers and sisters in need”.

Appreciating the nation’s comprehensive response to help those affected by the floods, he called for more efforts and aid for those most in need.

JI Deputy Emir Dr Farid Paracha questioned the non-implementation of the report of the 2010 Floods Inquiry Commission and called for the constitution of another judicial commission to identify alleged mismanagement and corruption in ongoing flood relief works.

Posted in Dawn, September 3, 2022


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