Lawn Mowing Simulator’s New Expansion Goes Medieval On Your Grass

Mow the lawn – I prefer to call it “LARPing Qix”- has his own video game. How about that. Lawn mowing simulator launched on August 10, in fact. Hey, why the hell am I writing about this now, boss? Oh, okay, yeah, I’m the motorsport guy. I guess that makes me the mowthe sports guy too.

Alright anyway Lawn Mowing Simulator – which is also available on Xbox Game Pass – has its first premium expansion! As if to answer “What if King Harold had a wolf cub?” Skyhook Games is launching the Ancient Britain DLC Pack, which means you can now mow Anglo-Saxon burial mounds and Arthurian valleys about a thousand years before modern golf course management began.

“Four ancient heritage sites” are part of the $ 8.99 expansion, Skyhook says. but they all seem to be made up. You can manicure the “Royal Stones” to the sound of Stonehenge, watch the solstice at “Druid’s Tor” and trim the ground at “The Ancient Aurochs”.

Near the ancient Aurochs is the ‘Aurochs Hill’, where landscapers have to face a steep slope while avoiding a Bronze Age field painting. “Make sure you go slow because any damage to this historic site will be subject to a heavy fine,” Skyhook Games said. Well, it might be, but when those Bronze Age peasants hear the 21 horses under the hood of your Toro, I doubt they’ll come looking for any.

The DLC is available now for PC versions of Windows on Steam and launches for Xbox Series X on December 2. Awesome. Just at the time of the year that I not have to spend a saturday mowing my lawn.

Disclosure: Owen’s neighbor hires a lawn mowing service called “Twins Lawn Care” and his owner actually looks like Walder Frey.

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