“Let’s create a system for a fair distribution of opportunities”


An aspiring New Patriotic Party (NPP) national organizer, Essilfie Kumi, ensured a fair distribution of opportunities if given the green light as the party’s national organizer after the national executive conference.

“The grounds are not fertile like we had in 2016 and the party has suffered – where we are now it’s as if there is no system of fair distribution of opportunities that will reach everyone. world regardless of location,” he observed.

Mr. Kumi noted that the system he would implement would break the inequality in the distribution of opportunities and help ease tensions and that his main objective was to make “NPP shine again and rally delegates to support and help his attempt to solve problems and make the game more attractive on the field.

“I want to organize the party to be great because I just don’t want the break of eights to be just a slogan but there should be some kind of plan and policies and how we have the intention to implement it to achieve the goal,” he said.

Proposing far-reaching measures to strengthen party structures at all levels to enable the NPP to retain power in the 2024 general elections, Mr. Kumi, the 2020 parliamentary candidate for Asikuma-Odoben- Brakwa, revealed that his engagements with party members, supporters and sympathizers, particularly at the grassroots level, indicated that the ground was not fertile and there was a need for the party to work to appease its base and gain support from everyone.

According to him, grassroots party supporters, sympathizers and loyalists as well as party financiers were angry with the party over what he described as an unfair distribution of opportunities and lamented members and supporters who worked hard to secure victory. for the NPP in 2016 and the 2020 elections had been ruled out.

“Due to the lack of data to assess the contributions and contribution of our members and supporters and reward them accordingly, if I am awarded the mandate as National Organizer of the NPP, my regime will put in place a database system to ensure a fair distribution of opportunities for them and the business community investing in the party.

“Although the party has made significant progress since taking office in 2016, it has failed to effectively and efficiently communicate its achievements to citizens, but my administration will create the National Institute of Communication to train party members and supporters to their own language at all levels to articulate NPP ideals, ideologies, achievements and policies,” Kumi assured.


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