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Lexia adds automatic placement to its English language development program

Lexia has renamed its K-6 Rosetta Stone English educational tool to Lexia English Language Development and introduced new tools to help English language learners become proficient in English. Lexia’s parent company, Cambium Learning Group, left Rosetta Stone’s language division earlier this year.

As part of the rebranding, Lexia launched version 2.0 of Lexia English. The new version adds two new key features:

  • An automatic placement tool, which assesses new students’ competence in receptive and productive language skills to determine where they should enroll in the program;

  • New support for digital teacher-led courses to support distance and hybrid learning.

“Although the name and appearance of the product have changed, its program remains the same,” Lexia President Nick Gaehde said in a prepared statement. “In addition to renaming the product, we are releasing version 2.0, which contains new tools to help emerging bilingual students in their learning of academic English and enable educators to streamline teaching and ensure efficiency. (“Emerging Bilingual Students” is the term Lexia uses for English language learners.)

Lexia English is available on the web and in an app for iOS. An Android app is expected later this year.

More details can be found on the Lexia website.

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