Minister says alternatives are in place if private sector pulls out of fuel distribution


Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said alternative methods were in place to continue uninterrupted fuel distribution if private barrel owners withdraw from service.

Taking to his official Twitter account, the Minister said that Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL) had been instructed to immediately open the registration of new fuel transportation suppliers and cancel the registration of those who do not show up for work.

Trains, government-owned tankers, gas stations and private hoists that are not on strike will continue fuel dispensing services, he added.

According to the minister, a total of 381 barrels were used for deliveries tonight, including 84 government-owned barrels, 103 gas station barrels and 194 rented barrels not on strike.

He said that sufficient stocks of Auto Diesel, Super Diesel, 92 octane gasoline and kerosene are in storage and being taken to filling stations. However, limited supplies of 95 octane gasoline are released.

He also noted that the rates for rented fuel barrels have been adjusted 5 times since July 2021, an increase of 84% according to a formula agreed by all.

Earlier today, the Sri Lanka Petroleum Private Tanker Owners’ Association announced that they would withdraw from fuel tanker services effective midnight today, asking for an increase in their tanker charges in line with the increase fuel prices.


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