NAGASE & CO., LTD. – Distribution begins for Uncountable, a data management platform for materials development – more efficient R&D with an electronic lab notebook and experience point suggestion functions


NAGASE & CO., LTD. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Managing Director and Chairman: Kenji Asakura) entered into a distribution agreement in May 2022 for the Uncountable Data Management Platform for Materials Development, developed and provided by Uncountable Inc. (CaliforniaUS), and started distribution inside Japan.

Recently, the field of materials research and development has paid particular attention to materials informatics (MI), which uses AI and advanced data processing technology to research new materials using the machine learning to predict formulas and physical properties. In order to develop a high-accuracy machine learning model for MI, it is essential to collect the details and results of many experiments as numerical data. Collecting this data will contribute to the continued development of R&D themes, increase consultation data efficiency, and accelerate team collaboration. However, data management methods are an issue for many material manufacturers in Japanwho still record their experimental notes on paper, and there is an urgent need to create a basis for data sharing.

The Uncountable platform developed and provided by Uncountable Inc. is a data management platform, combining functions of electronic lab notebook (ELN), to record and collect experimental data for materials research, with functions of suggesting experience points (formulation recipes ) based on data analysis and a machine learning model. In addition to creating a cycle of proposing experimental plans based on the data collected with the ELN function, collecting new experimental data and analyzing this data, managing all the information such as experimental data, instructions and reports using Uncountable, information sharing between researchers is also encouraged. Some companies of Japan already use the platform or plan to use it.

NAGASE will distribute Uncountable to material manufacturers in Japanoffering customers a data management system for their R&D processes, as well as complete MI support in R&D, in particular with the TABRASATM SaaS new materials research platform developed and provided by NAGASE.


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