NFT in brief: a weekly review

NFTs found another month this year when Google searches hit an all-time high. The Macy’s Fashion Show will come with a non-fungible friend. And Xbox’s Phil Spencer shares his thoughts on NFTs. It’s just another week of non-fungible news.

Every weekend we do a quick recap of the last seven days of what’s going on with NFTs. Let’s dive into these stories, and more:

This week’s non-fungible token news

Macy’s Turkey Day NFT?

With Thanksgiving coming up for many next week, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been a staple every year over the holidays. This year, however, Macy’s is adding a bit of extra flavor. The iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons will be launched as part of a series of 9,510 NFT sets, free to all during the holidays. This year is the 95th annual parade. Profits will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and will be available in the Sweet Marketplace.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer shares his thoughts on NFTs

Microsoft’s executive vice president of games, Phil Spencer, sat down with the folks at Axios last week to share some of his skeptical thoughts on NFTs in games. Spencer said, “I think there’s a lot of speculation and experimentation going on, and some of the creatives I see today feel more exploitative than entertainment.”

It’s hard to argue that there are still many NFT projects that could end up being rugged, or that could just be push-ups. However, there is no doubt that NFTs could bring positive potential and impact to the game in more than one way. As the NFT market matures, expect the big gaming companies to open the door a little more to their integration into their products.

Attacks on Mars: More Legacy IP Addresses Find Their Way to the Blockchain

Topps launches ‘Mars Attacks’ NFTs, powered by Curio. The iconic collectible cards first hit the market in the 1960s. The futuristic cards will also be released in print next February, with pre-orders already sold out on the Topps webpage.

Google NFT searches hit record highs

NFT winter? There are new projects emerging almost daily, established projects continue to have rising lows and the demand for NFTs that are more than art is increasing. As our team covered this week, NFTs topped Dogecoin – again hitting records for the fourth time this year after CoinGecko announced an upcoming NFT conference.

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Tezos NFTs looked like they might be in trouble after conflict led to the shutdown of the HEN marketplace. However, community members came together to revive the platform, and are working towards establishing it as a DAO moving forward. | Source: XTZ-USD on

Tezos’ biggest NFT marketplace returns from the grave

Arguably the biggest focal point around NFTs is the sense of community. This week, the NFT community around Tezos came together and posted exactly that after the abrupt shutdown of the blockchain’s largest NFT exchange, HEN.

HEN was the 4th largest NFT marketplace and the largest Tezos dapp in existence. After the shutdown of HEN, community members collaborated to take over the platform’s smart contract. The team is working on establishing a DAO for the “new HEN”.

Tarantino’s NFT ‘Pulp Fiction’, more …

Earlier this month, we covered the story of legendary director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino who teamed up with The Secret Network to release previously unseen footage from “Pulp Fiction” as NFT. Since then, the plot has taken a bit of turn.

This week, Hollywood film production and distribution company Miramax is suing Tarantino for NFTs. The Miramax lawsuit claims that any sale of content as NFT would only be authorized and controlled by Miramax. Tarantino’s portrayal responded by stating that Tarantino is well within his rights. Assuming the case moves forward, this will be the most high-profile NFT lawsuit to date, and it will be interesting to watch as the rulings could impact the future distribution of NFTs.

NFT’s “pirate bay”

Are you looking for a 15TB file larger than a ton of Ethereum and Solana based NFTs? We would be surprised if your answer to this question is yes. Nonetheless, it seems to exist, thanks to an Australian artist and programmer who launched “The NFT Bay,” mimicking the historic torrent site The Pirate Bay.

The site brings a whole new level to the “right click, save as” memes that have become a staple in the NFT community.

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