Once in a Generation Opportunity Enables Mid-West Councils to Work Together to Realize the Full Potential of the Green Energy Economy


Caption “MOU signatories from left to right: Pat Slattery (Director of Community and Economic Development, Tipperary County Council), Liam Conneally (Director of Economic Development, Clare County Council), Vincent Murray (Director of Economic Development, Limerick) City and County Council), Eamonn Murphy (President of the Mid-West Regional Business Plan) ”.

LIMERICK City and County Council has partnered with Clare and Tipperary County Councils and the Mid-West Regional Business Plan to examine ways to fully realize the region’s potential for a green digital economy .

The region is approaching a “once in a generation” opportunity to transform itself and the economic opportunities offered to its residents.

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A coordinated regional approach is underway to maximize the regional benefits that can be derived from the large renewable energy potential off the Atlantic coast. The potential is there to stimulate significant economic activity, create a large number of high-quality, sustainable jobs for the benefit of all who live in the region, but strong collaboration between all sectors and all communities will be needed to ensure the success.

The MoU to collaborate on a Green Digital Jobs Strategy for the Mid-West Region is a commitment of the three local authorities as part of the Mid-West Regional Business Plan. The agreement will see the development of a strategy to realize the vision of a proactive region, the preferred location for innovative companies committed to a green future.

Vincent Murray, Director of Economic Development for the City of Limerick and County Council, said: “The City of Limerick and County Council are delighted to be working with our partners on this exciting approach to the green economy.”

“The Shannon Estuary is an ideal location for this type of industry and we will work with the various stakeholders to take advantage of it and realize our full potential.”

“We need to take advantage of our geographic location and the expertise we already have here in this sector to create new opportunities for everyone.”

“This is an emerging industry and we want to be ahead of the curve in helping entrepreneurs use our natural hinterland in a green and sustainable way.”

“We will work with our partners and stakeholders to help develop the Mid-West and support the creation of a cluster with sustainable, high-quality, long-term jobs and foster the spirit of innovation that will enable the region to become a leader in the green digital space. “

Liam Conneally, Director of Economic Development for County Clare Council, said: “County Clare Council is delighted to be a part of this partnership and looks forward to advancing the green digital jobs strategy for the Mid-region. West. “

“ESB’s Moneypoint site in County Clare will be transformed into a green energy hub. This will help the Mid-West and Shannon Estuary become a leader in the production and transmission of green energy. “

“We are working closely with Shannon Foynes Port Company and other stakeholders in the region to advance and align our strategies.”

“We recognize the need for the country and the region to transition to a low carbon energy future. This collaboration will significantly advance the achievement of this goal and bring significant economic benefits to Clare, the Mid-West and beyond.

“Rather than treating climate goals as challenges, this collaboration will focus on creating jobs in a low carbon economy.”

Pat Slattery, Director of Community and Economic Development for Tipperary County Council, said: “The Memorandum of Understanding between the three local authorities to collaborate on a green digital jobs strategy is a statement of intent to make Mid-West a leader in green, low-carbon energy. economical, and to provide attractive locations in the Midwest for both energy development and digital industries seeking zero carbon locations. “

“Tipperary is fully supported by this collaboration, as sites such as the 1,100 acre bioeconomy campus at Lisheen in County Tipperary already have a significant wind farm presence, with connection to the 110 KV grid and many Le Mid-West is at the border between green digital energy and the ambition of carbon neutrality. “

Eamonn Murphy, President of the Mid-West Regional Business Plan, said, “The signing of this MoU once again demonstrates the unique culture of collaboration that exists in the Mid-West region.

The nature of the industry is changing, with the emergence of sustainability and digitization as key business goals. The three counties of Clare, Limerick and Tipperary recognize this and appreciate that the best way to achieve a balanced and resilient regional economy is to work together to support emerging opportunities and address common challenges.

“Our goal is to help the Mid-West region become a leading international location for the digital industry, grounded in our own renewable energy and leveraging the vast and talented technological ecosystem that already exists. This can have extremely positive implications for all who live in the region. We look forward to the continued support of local authorities and other stakeholders in the region in pursuing this vision.

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