Oxfordshire-based Open Seas agrees safety device distribution deal


Open Seas, an Oxfordshire-based enterprise IT solutions company specializing in cybersecurity and data protection, has become the official UK distributor of Linkeo-Y, a new contact smart card reader which can be used in any office or remote environment requiring a high level of security.

Linkeo-Y was launched by NEOWAVE, a specialist in strong authentication and secure transactions.

The Linkeo-Y is available in two versions, the LinkeoA-Y adapted to USB-A ports and the LinkeoC-Y adapted to USB-C ports.

The Linkeo is easy to implement and comes in the form of a “plug and play” solution with no software or driver to install. For more security, the Linkeo-Y is compatible with FIDO2 authentication cards, such as Badgeo FIDO2 from NEOWAVE.

The Linkeo-Y reader allows smart card applications to be used securely from home or via a smartphone. In the professional environment, it is ideal for organizations requiring a high level of security.

Jason Kent, Director of Open Seas, said: “The number of cyberattacks is on the rise. Microsoft recently reported that bad actors are making nearly 1,000 attempts every second to crack account passwords.

“One way to minimize the threat of cyberattacks is to use strong authentication solutions with a physical element. This is where authentication solutions, such as Linkeo, come in.

Bruno Bernard, president of NEOWAVE, said: “It is estimated that there are already between 30 and 50 billion smart cards in circulation today. We expect this number to continue to grow over the years, but at the same time we must continue to innovate and produce solutions that are modern, easy to use and, above all, secure.

“The LinkeoA-Y reader has already proven itself to our customers. Specifically, STM in Canada has successfully implemented the product and now its employees and customers benefit from a modern and secure solution.


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