Pipeline 2021: a partner point of view on distribution – Strategy


The traditional distribution model is losing its relevance as more customers switch to recurring billed solutions such as cloud platforms and software as a service.

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That’s the lay of the land according to Forrester Research channel commentator Jay McBain.

But how does it work in the local market and what do distribution partners think about it and how important it is to their business.

CRN 2020 Fast50 Issue 14 Tech Flow is a Sydney-based data center specialist and its founder Shah Hardik said the distribution was as, if not more, relevant than it ever was.

“I think the engagement with channel partners has become extremely complex over the past 18 months,” he said.

“We work in tandem with them on almost any opportunity. There are many projects that we need to do where we don’t have enough capacity and we would depend heavily on these distribution partners.

“They can bring skills, they can bring the right people to the table if we are to meet the needs expressed by the customer. “

For cybersecurity, and software more broadly, a different trend is emerging, as RSM cyber expert Ashwin Pal explains.

“Gone are the days when you could actually, you know, as a salesperson, distributor, or SI, you could go and buy a mate’s coffee and you could actually make a deal,” he says.

“You have to add value. So, now they expect you to understand their business, you will actually understand how you can add value to their business.

“The stations actually provide support in terms of personnel, so now they offer more professional services, which you can rely on. They carry more kit, which may seem like a small thing, but it’s important “

For Geoff Augutis of Queensland Computers, some distributors are growing faster than others.

“I think markets are struggling to keep pace with the pace of market adaptation,” he says.

“I think about the fact that they have to put together teams and develop the services. For a traditional distributor that sells a lot of material and ships a lot of boxes and has very complex supply chains, I think the cloud is a bit tricky for them.

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