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Propeller Aero, the drone data visualization and analysis platform, and DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, are today extending their partnership to include software compatibility. Propeller 3D surveying and mapping with DJI’s Matrice 300 RTK (M300) drone and Zenmuse P1 (P1) Sensor.

Propeller’s data processing platform is specially designed for site surveying and 3D mapping for the construction and earthmoving industries. When combined with DJI’s advanced M300 drone, which features a refined propulsion system and longer flight time, the solution can quickly and accurately map hundreds of acres with precision within 3cm or 1/10 of a foot, which makes it ideal for medium and large scale surveying sites such as highways, industrial complexes and mines. The Zenmuse P1 is DJI’s latest flagship sensor, specially designed for photogrammetry missions. Incorporating a full-frame sensor on a stabilized 3-axis gimbal, it dramatically increases the efficiency and accuracy of surveying and mapping applications.

Drone survey data and 3D site maps provide crews across the jobsite with a single source of truth to better plan, track, inspect and work safer and more efficiently. Additionally, by facilitating faster data collection, expanding coverage, and providing more real-time progress data, site managers can reduce labor costs and optimize available machines.

“Construction sites have never been more secure, efficient and data-rich than today, thanks to advancements in the use of on-site technology,” said Jack Nachazel, Customer Success Engineer at Propeller Aero. “Our customers build everything from airports to highways using a drone that can best capture the unique characteristics of their site. Thanks to our expanded partnership with DJI, they will now be able to streamline their data collection and processing with the powerful M300 drone, which many of our customers already use. “

To use the solution, surveyors place Propeller AeroPoints ™ (intelligent ground control points) around the jobsite, fly the M300 drone overhead to collect survey data, and upload that data to Propeller’s cloud platform. where they are fully processed within 24 hours.

The complete solution will be available through Propeller’s distribution partnership with Trimble®, the world leader in positioning technologies, and through its SITECH® distribution network as Trimble Stratus powered by Propeller, a 3D visualization platform based on the cloud developed by Propeller that integrates with Trimble Connected Solutions Site®.

About Propeller Aero
Propeller’s world-class drone analytics solutions help customers capture accurate job site surveys so they can measure and track progress and make better / faster site management decisions. We do this with a simple yet powerful end-to-end solution that gives construction professionals a simple and scalable way to collect, process and analyze survey data.

Over 4,000 customers at over 22,600 heavy civil construction and resource development sites trust Propeller to accurately track job progress with 3D visual tools that anyone in the organization can use. Distribution partnerships with industry leaders such as Trimble and SITECH allow Propeller to give teams the whole picture, go further, do more and work better together.

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