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Alright, he’s pissed off, especially since the ever-changing internet has allowed the transphobic label to live on and on. Is it right? Maybe not completely, for some. But he spends what seems like a tremendous amount of time going after the trans community. Given that this is a group of people who have suffered and continue to suffer more than other marginalized groups, Chappelle comes across as defensive and mean, even though he talks about the need for empathy.

My second conclusion: During the show, his act becomes, well, not funny. While I was watching I wanted him to move on and cover other topics. He’s just obsessed.

“This won’t be the last title that makes some of you wonder if you can still love Netflix. I sincerely hope you can, ”Sarandos wrote in his memo.

Do you like Netflix? Barely. And Chappelle might also want to rest. Fortunately, I am delighted with the second season of “Bridgerton”, by Shonda Rhimes.

New machine learning research published in the journal Nature Climate Change gathered 100,000 weather studies and revealed what we already knew: Climate change has affected most of the world, up to 85% of the world. world population. In the United States alone, according to disturbing data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, nearly one in three lives in a place where a climate disaster has occurred.

Climate change is obviously a calamity for humanity, but it has also become an investment opportunity. According to Pitchbook: “So far in 2021, global investors have already closed as many climate-focused funds as they’ve raised in the previous five years combined. … The influx of capital led to a remarkable first half for venture capital-backed climate technology companies, which raised more than $ 14.2 billion globally, or 88% of the total overall of 2020. “

In late 2019, in an article for The Times, I wrote that the world’s first trillionaire would be a climate change technologist. It was more a hopeful guess than a reality, but I stand by that prediction.

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