ShipHawk Acquires Warehouse Management System


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — ShipHawka provider of advanced warehouse and fulfillment solutions, announced on Monday that it has acquired Acuity Global and its SuiteWM warehouse management system solution.

Under its new name, ShipHawk WMS, the highly configurable solution incorporates best practices from Tier 1 WMS vendors designed to meet the needs of evolving businesses.

ShipHawk is focused on automating and improving the world “behind the buy button“, giving businesses access to the same tools and efficiencies used by e-commerce giants. ShipHawk WMS synchronizes the execution, visibility and management of inventory and personnel across warehouse and distribution operations. ShipHawk WMS , and the team behind, bring decades of hands-on experience in supply chain solutions and technologies, including warehouse, transportation and workforce management.

As part of the acquisition, Ron Riggin, CEO and founder of Acuity Global, joined ShipHawk as CTO. He brings over 30 years of experience creating visionary supply chain solutions for some of the world’s most recognized companies.

“Businesses today must meet the shopper expectations set by retail giants, but with a fraction of the resources,” said Jeremy Bodenhamer, CEO of ShipHawk. “Our mission is to give these companies the power to control their operations. That’s why we’re excited to announce ShipHawk WMS. It gives businesses the ability to truly scale with speed and precision. We look forward to continuing to solve the challenges businesses face in a complex and ever-changing supply chain.

“By incorporating best-in-class WMS with ShipHawk’s advanced fulfillment solutions, businesses now have access to a comprehensive solution that can dramatically improve the processes behind the buy button, from warehouse operations to shipping results. “, said Riggin.


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