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We are proud to have provided essential benefits and services to this great nation for 86 years. America has a diverse population with a variety of needs. To meet these diverse needs, we have created web pages that cater directly to groups of people who may need information about our programs and services. These pages are easy to share with your friends and family on social media. Here are some resources that might help you or someone you love:

We proudly serve wounded warriors and veterans who sacrificed to preserve the freedoms that Americans cherish. Many veterans are unaware that they might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Please share this page with them to make sure they get the benefits they deserve:

Social security plays an important role in providing economic security for women. Almost 55 percent of people receiving social security benefits are women. A woman who is 65 today can expect to live, on average, to about 87 years. A 65-year-old man can expect to live, on average, to about 84 years. With a longer life expectancy than men, women tend to live longer in retirement and are more likely to deplete their sources of income.

Women often have lower lifetime incomes than men, which usually means lower benefits. Women need to plan for retirement early and wisely. We are here to help you with valuable information. Please share this page with someone who needs this information and may need help planning their Golden Years:

Do you know someone who has just started their career? Now is the best time for them to start planning for retirement. Social security benefits provide only a portion of retirement income. Those who are starting their careers should start saving early in order to have an adequate income in retirement. Please share this page with a young worker you know:

These are just a few of the web pages tailored to the needs of specific groups. You can visit our People Like Me homepage at to see them all.

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