Stewart Surfboards Announces New Licensee and Distributor for Europe


Californian surfboard brand Stewart has selected Sample N Co, the France-based distribution company, as its new licensee and distributor for Europe.

Licensing, distributing and selling surf and outdoor brands across Europe for 10 years, Sample N Co now adds Stewart Surfboards to complete its board offering.

Ashley Stewart Leines, CEO of the family business, said: “As a heritage brand, we are fortunate to have strong brand recognition and strong demand for our products around the world, but at significant costs. Due to high shipping and import charges, it’s not always easy to satisfy those who inquire directly from our San Clemente, CA store. We are excited to work with Sample N Co’s top notch sales team and existing distribution network to bring Stewart to top surf shops and direct customers to more countries than ever before.

Guillaume Marage, Founder and CEO of Sample N Co, said: “We are delighted to have Stewart Surfboards in our list of surf brands. Stewart is an iconic surf company founded by a world famous shaper with an artistic side. Thanks to his creative eye for conceptualizing and improving designs, the Stewart Surfboards brand is now synonymous with original, custom and innovative boards. It creates unique, quality and innovative products for a wide range of surfers. No matter the size, gender, skin color or skill level of a customer, everyone is welcome. Stewart Surfboards wants everyone to be the best surfer they can be. More than making high-end surfboards, Stewart offers a full sensory experience. This timeless positioning will complement the Sample N Co offer and will, I am sure, continue to establish our company as a key player in the European surfboard market.


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