The best apps for creating video games

best apps for creating video games, cover
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Best apps for creating video games, cover

Developing a video game is no easy task. Behind the big titles that we find in stores, there is a big development work, design and many hours of dedication. However, today it is possible to create video games without having to learn to program, as there are many applications that allow users to create games for consoles and applications.

Applications for creating video games allow the development of games for various platforms without the need to know how to program or to know programming languages.

In this sense, it is possible to find tools for many levels of experience and which allow users to create and publish their video games without having to invest large sums of money. For users looking for the best way to bring their creation to life, here are some of the best apps for making video games:

– “3D unit” (Windows, Linux and Mac): It is the most widely used video game creation engine in the world and on which games such as “Assassin’s Creed” or “Pokémon Go” have been built. Its free version allows you to develop games for PC, Mac and the web, thanks to a very complete visual editor that allows you to import 3D models, textures, sounds, etc.

– “Unreal development kit” (Windows, Mac and Linux): Developed by Epic Games, it is the other king of video game development. Games like “Gears of War” or “Mass Effect” have been created with it. It’s free and offers one of the most powerful tools for making video games, although it does require some programming and development knowledge, as it requires writing code.

Alice(Windows, Linux, Mac): Open source tool developed by Carnegie Mellon University and used in some countries to teach programming in schools. “Alice” uses a Java base and a simple drag and drop environment to create 3D animations. It has many objects with which to create characters, settings and situations.

– “Stripe” (Desktop browsers): Like the previous application, it is developed for the purpose of teaching children to program and create video games. It uses a visual programming language, with which you can generate classic style animations and games such as “Super Mario” or “Pong”.

-“Stencil” (Windows, Mac and Linux): One of the best tools for creating 2D video games for mobiles and browsers. It is an advanced application, with a very accessible interface and which requires programming knowledge. It has a large library of objects that facilitate the creation of games.

– “Creator of games” (Windows, Mac and Linux): This free application is a little more advanced and complicated, it is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which includes its own language based on GML. It has a large library of tutorials and an Objects, Scenery, and Physics editor. It is designed for 2D games and allows you to install plugins with graphics engines and templates for certain genres.

– “Mario Builder” (Windows): “Mario Builder” not only offers original versions of “Super Mario” games, but allows users to create their own versions and scenarios to play and share with the community. The scenery editor is very easy to use and offers almost endless possibilities.

“Roblox” (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon AppStore and Xbox One): It is one of the most popular video games in the world, with more than 60 million users and whose main feature is its tool to create Roblox based video games for sharing with other users.

– “3D entity” (Windows): This tool is designed for creating first person shooter games, in the style of the classic “Doom” or “Quake”. It is a simple editor, “World Editor” style in which the user places blocks, adding characters, mission marks, enemies, etc.

– “Adventure games studio” (Windows): A “Monkey Island” or “Indiana Jones” style adventure game editor. Unlike the other video game creation apps on the list, Adventure Game Studio has a scripting language that the user will need to learn in order to create their own adventures.


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