The ‘mafia’ responsible for fertilizer distribution problems: DPR Speaker


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Puan Maharani on Sunday addressed in a written statement the pressing issue of mafia syndicates controlling subsidized fertilizers, which she says can no longer be ignored by ISIS forces. order.

Puan pledged to work alongside law enforcement to eradicate the “mafia” practice.

“The control and prosecution on the ground by the KP3 or fertilizer and pesticide monitoring commission must be done seriously. We at DPR will be monitoring this issue. Subsidized fertilizer mafias will be eradicated for the welfare of farmers,” Maharani said in his January 30 statement.

Lack of supply and soaring prices of subsidized fertilizers are persistent problems that have continued to put farmers in dire straits, she said.

“Fertilizer mafia activities have tormented small farmers on the ground,” she said.

These criminal syndicates often cause a shortage of fertilizer in the market by manipulating product availability during the allocation and distribution planning phases. Data manipulation even prevented distribution of the subsidized product to legitimate farmers.

“We need a total audit of the distribution of subsidized fertilizers that have been infiltrated by mafia practices,” added Puan Maharani.

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