The Ministry guarantees a smooth distribution of social aid in 3T areas


The achievement of BLT BBM distribution in the 3T areas of North Maluku reached 77.4%, while in Sofifi, Tidore Islands City, it reached 88.8%.

Ternate, North Maluku (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Social Affairs is ensuring the unhindered distribution of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) for Fuel Oil (BBM) to beneficiaries in Border, Outermost and Underdeveloped (3T) areas, by particularly in the northern Maluku region.

“The achievement of BLT BBM distribution in the 3T areas of North Maluku reached 77.4%, while in Sofifi, Tidore Islands City, it reached 88.8%,” the Secretary General of the Minister of Social Affairs, Harry Hikmat.

Hikmat pointed out that the distribution of the first phase of the BLT BBM for all beneficiaries will reach 100% by the end of September.

“Based on the dashboard information provided by Pos Indonesia, the achievement of BLT BBM reached 96.88% nationwide. Out of a total of 20.65 million beneficiaries, it reached 20,005,508 “, said Hikmat.

If measured from the national level of achievement, the BLT BBM distribution was quite high. Distribution was to be completed by the end of September, followed by the second phase in December, he noted.

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He later said that his team had discussed with Pos Indonesia, as a social assistance distributor, and the local government the obstacles encountered by agents when distributing assistance in 3T areas.

“We want the distribution of social assistance in 3T areas to run optimally to complete the disbursement (process),” he added.

In addition, Deputy Operational Vice President for Makassar Post Office Regional VI Syahrul Zainuddin said the most important aspect of welfare distribution in 3T areas is the correct timing.

“For distribution in 3T areas, it needs to be properly timed to ensure that all recipients, when we arrive, are all present, as multiple visits are impossible,” Zainuddin noted.

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Along with proper planning, appointing officers with a comprehensive understanding of the areas is also important, although nature and distance remain the main challenges.

“More obstacles come from natural factors and extraordinary distances. Time and distance affect our transportation to the location. Some need to use three kinds of transportation modes at one time, first air transportation to ‘to the nearest location, then land transport, and continue to the place of destination using sea transport, whether by sea or river,’ he stressed.

However, Zainuddin said his side remained committed to distributing the aid by gathering beneficiaries in one place.

In addition, he praised the successful distribution thanks to the collaboration between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Pos Indonesia, the regional government and law enforcement officials.

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