The public distribution network to be modernized: Minister


The Minister of Food and Civil Supply, GR Anil, said that the state’s public distribution system will be modernized within a specified period.

Speaking after participating in various schemes in the district, Mr Anil said that Supplyco would set up modern godowns in every taluks and ration stores would be upgraded in the state as part of strengthening the distribution system public.

Such distribution systems were the need of the hour to ensure the supply of quality products in exact quantity, the minister said.

When the Food Safety Act was enforced in the state, the shortage of modern godowns was the major challenge. This problem will be solved in a limited time, Mr. Anil said, adding that the construction of such godowns across the state would come to fruition in five years.

“However, the quality of the products is now ensured through joint inspection with officials from the Food Corporation of India while the products are to be supplied by FCI Godown,” Mr Anil said, adding that the Supplyco and the FCI had made a memorandum of understanding to that effect.

Along with the regular supply of groceries, daily-use items will also be distributed to the 1,000 selected ration shops in rural areas of the state at a reduced price by the end of April, the official said. Minister.

More mobile ration shops will be launched for tribal people in remote locations, the minister added.

The government would buy the whole grain rice produced by farmers in the state through Supplyco and the government planned to pay them the amount within 24 hours, Mr Anil said.

Mr. Anil inaugurated the harvest festival of Thariyodu Cooperative Service Bank, a dossier adalath linked to ration shops and a public distribution system at the taluk of Supplyco in Kolagappara in the district.


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