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If you’ve worked as a painter for a long time, you’ve no doubt had to deal with your paint suppliers changing your touchpoint at least once, not necessarily for the better. If you’re new to painting, you may find yourself surrounded by paint dealers vying for your attention. Either way, understanding how to select a new paint supplier and go-to person is just as crucial as having a solid brush technique for a painter; visit It is essential to research the different paint distribution companies to select the 5 best ones. Once you find a few vendors or vendors you like, you’ll need to find a way to filter them out. This is usually done by assessing their knowledge and how effectively their organization can meet your needs. This is why it is essential to prepare specific questions for each meeting, formal or informal, that will help you do this.

Here are some essential questions to ask your prospective paint distributor

  1. The type of coating they offer

Some paint companies specialize in a specific type of paint, while others are more diverse. Some have even wider options, like polishes and sealants, so it’s crucial to get a solid idea of ​​what they have that you can use. A painting company that has all your needs in one place at a reasonable price can save you a lot of time.

  1. Ask for their recommendations on the project

Even if you already know what type of siding you want to use on the project, this is a great opportunity to put a salesperson’s skills to the test. Ask about their preferred method and why they chose it. Even if their judgment differs from yours, knowing how they think can help you determine if you can partner with them long term. After all, there are always several options when it comes to painting a house, restoring a deck or staining a porch.

  1. Ask about their return policy

Sometimes you don’t need all the paint you order or make mistakes, and the paint doesn’t turn out the way you expected. It’s reassuring to know that your paint supplier will always be there for you. Custom tinted paints may be impossible to return, but anything on the shelf, even if you opened it and it just didn’t work, should be eligible for a return, replacement or other types of compensation for you and the project owner.

  1. Ask about applied coating costs

Coatings are not all the same. The volume of solids (or guts) in the coating can greatly influence the amount needed to perform the task. Due to the fewer coatings required, a coating with a high percentage of solids by volume can help reduce material costs and, in many situations, labor expenses. A low cost coating with a low volume of solids can be a waste of time and money and result in a lower quality finish.

  1. Find out where they are

If you care about the location of your provider, you need to find out about their location. When it comes to technical support, knowing who, what and when is far more crucial than knowing where. For issues that could impact your production, look for a reliable coatings partner who can provide on-site and comprehensive lab support.

  1. Please inquire about the best product they know

When it comes to choosing a siding, there are many factors to consider. Your needs and desires for how you would like your siding to look may differ from others in terms of cost, environmental and health considerations and overall appearance. Find a coatings partner who can provide you with a variety of options to meet your demands and, in turn, improve your product and your results. Look for a supplier who will spend the time to learn about your business, your application, your setting, your process, and most importantly, your coating expectations.

In summary, before hiring a paint distribution company, the above questions will guide you to ensure you get the best.

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