Top 3 Tips for Successful Distribution of Cryptocurrency Press Releases


One of the most popular ways to market cryptocurrency projects is through a cryptocurrency press release in crypto news publications. There are dozens of services offering cryptocurrency press release distribution services for those looking to promote their project and grow their community. As the founder of one of the leading cryptocurrency press release distribution platforms, Null Transaction PR, I will provide you with several tips for successfully distributing your cryptocurrency PR, whether you use a service distribution or whether you decide to do it yourself.

#1 Write an awesome press release

This one is pretty obvious. If you want to grab the attention of the cryptocurrency community, make sure your press release is easy to read, has good grammar and writing, and clearly tells readers what your project, vision, and everything is about. other related detail.

If you’re not confident in your writing skills, it might be a good idea to have someone write the press release for you. At Null Transaction, we offer a fast writing service for clients who do not have the resources to write their PR. Another option is to hire a writer from a freelance website to write a press release for you, but this may require some planning as most writers take several days to write a quality PR.

#2 Don’t forget to include graphics

Graphics are essential in your PR because they help break up long blocks of text and make your press release easier to read. Even simple images like screenshots of your website are enough to take your cryptocurrency press release to the next level and increase the number of engagements and conversions it will receive.

At Null Transaction PR, we offer a free graphic design service for users who don’t have the means or resources to create great graphics or want to improve their existing images. Another option is to go to a website like Fiverr and hire a graphic designer to create images for your PR.

It is also important to have relatively large graphics in your PRs as it helps to rank better on Google and look better on high resolution screens like mobile devices, tablets, etc. length and 800px in height.

#3 Share the press release

Dissemination of press releases should be treated as a supplement. You cannot expect to post a press release on various platforms and instantly attract tons of customers and users to your platform. Instead, you should share the press release with your existing audience, which should help grow your existing fan base and community.

While a press release can help shed new light on your project, if users see that you lack a strong community, whether that’s a discord server, Twitter account, or of an active telegram group, users have nowhere to go. They will likely look past your project even if the press release catches their eye.

Building a loyal community is one of the best things you can do for your project as they will continue to support and provide the most help in growing your existing user base.

Here is an example of a press release campaign we did for Radio Caca, one of the main Metaverse projects on the market. Because the team shared the press release with their large audience, the releases gained tons of shares, likes, and engagement.

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