Top 8 AI-powered project management tools to use in 2021


Project management has become an important cog in the business wheel to achieve an end goal. The role of a project manager requires creating a more fluid process, achieving reliable results and coaching individuals and teams to be more effective.

Due to the nature of the job, project managers cannot afford to waste time on repetitive tasks. However, it turns out that project managers spend a lot of their time doing administrative tasks like registrations and managing updates. The good news is that artificial intelligence is stepping in here and transforming the way projects are run around the world. AI tools can reduce the workload of project managers by helping them with project planning, resource allocation, data-driven forecasting, etc. The rise of digitization has also had an impact on the field of project management.

A number of AI-based platforms for project management have sprung up in recent times. There are mainly two types of tools.

1) Project planning software– It helps in the planning, monitoring and analysis of projects.

2)Resource planning software– It helps to allocate resources such as equipment rooms, personnel and other resources.

Below, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 AI-based tools for project management.

Project overview

Project Insight’s project management software centralizes all tasks and projects on one easy-to-use online platform. Its AI-dependent integrations, REST API, and automation capabilities allow users to manage projects, portfolios, and work systems in one place. Project Insight also brings together the work of the company’s CRM, Finance, Development, Support, Warehouse and HR software.


ProofHub is cloud-based all-in-one project planning software that provides solutions for project management, collaboration, resource management, and task management. ProofHub includes a reporting engine that generates custom reports and tracks resource usage and project progress. As for the communication channel, AI-powered ProofHub does away with long emails because people can loop others into conversations by just mentioning them.


ClickUp gives users access to task management tools, documents, wiki, and chats. It also integrates well with a number of other popular tools. The app works on process management, task management, time management, integrations, etc. The AI-based software manages and monitors strategies throughout execution and generates reports from notes, billable time, and timesheets. It also works great for visualizing dependencies by creating Gantt charts. The company says its systems can help users save time within a week.


Trello is free and flexible project management software that allows its users to post tasks to a board and review them as they go. A user can also see how a coworker’s work comes out. It provides a workflow visualization method to give an overview of the project from start to finish. It has an AI-based search feature that makes suggestions when the user wants to invite someone to a project. Search results are based on activity history.

Team work

Teamwork Projects is a fully hosted, cloud-based subscription service that is particularly suitable for freelancers and small teams. It allows users to plan projects, collaborate, promote accountability, and get results. Each project has milestones, task lists, and wiki-like documents called notes. Users and companies are treated at the project level. Users can record the time spent on tasks and this work can be marked as billable, which makes invoicing easier. Other features are customization of to-do lists and calendar view for important events like milestones and tasks.


A web and mobile application has been specially designed to help work teams work collaboratively, organize and manage work. With predefined project templates, this application allows you to manage projects and team tasks in one tool. There’s no need to mix up spreadsheets, emails, and other tools to keep the project on track.

Base camp

It’s a great tool for keeping work organized. It organizes work by default and without intervention keeping tasks relevant and integrated. The software even lets you turn off features you don’t need. It centralizes notifications and prevents users from being constantly interrupted. It is one of the veteran names in the field and finds its appeal due to affordable prices and a simpler user interface.


Available in 9 languages, it is one of the most user-friendly project management tools on the market. It saves users’ time by reducing time consumption by providing automated visual proofing and approval systems. This SaaS-based product helps manage and track projects, deadlines, schedules, and other workflow processes. It also enables easy collaboration between team members, while providing intelligent automation and project risk prediction.

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