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Agreement paves the way for greater access to innovative cancer therapies for companion animals

FARMINGTON, Conn., June 222022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Torigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a commercial animal health biologics company, today announced that it has entered into a national distribution agreement with MWI Animal Health, a leading distributor of animal health products and services. and a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen. The agreement will expand access to Torigen’s investigational autologous cancer vaccine for companion animals.

This is the first national distribution deal for Torigen, whose experimental autologous cancer vaccine uses an animal’s tumor cells to stimulate the animal’s immune system to fight cancer. Torigen’s autologous prescription product is regulated by the USDA Center of Veterinary Biologics under 9 CFR 103.3.

MWI, the premier distributor for private and corporate veterinary clinics, will support the distribution of tumor collection kits to veterinarians across the country through its nationwide distribution network. Through its network of 18 distribution centers in key markets nationwide, the company can support same-day or overnight deliveries to communities across the country.

“We are thrilled to have MWI become Torigen’s first national distributor and look forward to working with their world-class team of over 220 outside sales representatives and 150 inside sales representatives,” said Sean Fitzgerald, Torigen’s Vice President of Market Development, who has worked personally with MWI for over twenty years. “We are excited to work with MWI to bring our autologous prescription product for the treatment of cancer in dogs, cats and horses to the wider veterinary community.”

Each year, nearly ten million pets are diagnosed with cancer. Torigen’s mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective cancer treatment options to veterinarians and their customers.

“We are committed to providing veterinarians nationwide with fast, reliable access to products and services that have the potential to help animals live longer, healthier lives,” said Steve Shell, President of MWI Animal Health. “We are excited to work with Torigen to help veterinary practices gain access to the company’s investigational autologous cancer vaccine.”

“The strategic relationship with MWI is an exciting opportunity for Torigen as we work to increase awareness and use of our innovative cancer treatment options,” said Ashley Kalinauskas, CEO and co-founder of Torigen Pharmaceuticals. “MWI’s distribution network will give us access to veterinarians across the continental United States who are dedicated to fighting cancer in our pet family members.”

About Torigen’s Autologous Cancer Vaccine:

Torigen produces a custom autologous prescription product for dogs, cats and horses that uses the animal’s own tumor cells to create immunotherapy from a surgically resected portion of a tumor that can be used alone or in combination with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Torigen’s autologous prescription product is an investigational product regulated by the USDA Center of Veterinary Biologics under 9 CFR 103.3.

Torigen’s autologous prescription product is an active immunotherapy composed of cells harvested from the patient’s own tumor. This whole-cell tumor vaccine is generated by a proprietary method to preserve cellular material and tumor-associated antigens, then mixed with immunostimulatory adjuvants. The goal is to increase the activation of tumour-specific T cells, which improves the animal’s immune system’s ability to destroy cancer cells, stop or slow the growth of cancer cells, or delay cancer cells. cancerous metastases.

About Torigen Pharmaceuticals Inc:

Torigen is a spin-out from Notre Dame University and backed by Werth Ventures, Connecticut Innovations, Emerald Development Partners, The University of ConnecticutThe Notre Dame UniversitySoGal Ventures, Gaingels and other leading investors.

With over 50% of all dogs over the age of 10 dying from cancer, Torigen is committed to providing affordable and effective cancer care solutions to all pets. Torigen recognizes the pivotal role pets play in our families and is committed to extending the lives of pets despite a diagnosis of cancer.

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About AmerisourceBergen:

AmerisourceBergen fosters a positive impact on the health of people and communities around the world by advancing the development and delivery of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. As a global healthcare leader, with a foundation in pharmaceutical distribution and solutions for manufacturers, pharmacies and suppliers, we create unparalleled access, efficiency and reliability for human and animal health. Our 42,000 global team members fuel our purpose: we are united in our responsibility to create a healthier future. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #10 on the Fortune 500 with over 200 billion dollars in annual income. Learn more at

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