TORM announces a new distribution policy for a better alignment between cash generation and distributions to shareholders


Today, the board of directors of TORM S.A. (“TORM”) has decided to adjust TORM Distribution policy to ensure a more direct link between cash generation and distribution to shareholders.

Go forward, TORM intends to distribute on a quarterly basis excess cash above a cash threshold set at the balance sheet date. For each quarter, the liquidity threshold will be determined as the product of the liquidity needs per vessel and the number of vessels owned and leased in TORM fleet on the day of the balance sheet.

Excess liquidity is determined as TORM readily available cash minus cash threshold. Readily available liquidity is defined as i) TORM cash balance on the last day of the quarter preceding the relevant distribution date, excluding restricted cash, plus (ii) undrawn amounts on TORM working capital facilities, less (iii) proceeds from the sale of vessels, or additional proceeds from vessel refinancing, or securities offerings in the last 12 months intended for share buybacks, prepayment of debts , ship acquisitions or general corporate purposes.

The cash requirement per vessel is set at:

  • $1.5 million for June 30, 2022
  • $1.8 million for September 30, 2022 From

No dividend will be paid as part of the 2022 first quarter report.

TORM The distribution policy will be reviewed periodically and the actual distribution for each quarter will be at board of directors discretion.

In addition to or instead of dividends, TORM will also consider share buybacks. Currently, TORM has the authorization to acquire A shares equivalent to a maximum total of 9% of TORM shares the capital.


Jacob Meldgardexecutive director, tel. : +45 3917 9200

Kim Ballfinancial director, tel. : +45 3917 9200

Andreas Abildgaard-HeinInvestor Relations, tel. : +45 3917 9339


TORM is one of the world’s leading carriers of refined petroleum products. TORM operates a fleet of approximately 80 modern vessels with a strong commitment to safety, environmental responsibility and customer service. TORM was founded in 1889 and operates worldwide. TORM shares are listed on the Nasdaq in Copenhagen and on the Nasdaq in New York (symbol: TRMD A and TRMD, ISIN code: GB00BZ3CNK81). For more information, visit

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