TRNSMT revelers scratch their heads in a separate center stage


TRNSMT revelers racked their brains in a secluded center stage, officially dubbed the “Golden Circle”.

In 2018, the region sparked controversy for “ruining the festival atmosphere” after around 2,000 free passes for the region were distributed on a “first come, first served” basis.

Many fans, who paid for general admission tickets, were angry as they struggled to watch their favorite acts from a distance.

Another party animal is headed for the doors

This year, the area remains partitioned, but is accessible to all.

However, there are times when you can only access it through two entrances on the far left and right of the stage.

Metal fences are in place with slits to cross as desired.

But in the evening, security was on guard, telling the confused revelers they had to walk back to the special entry areas marked “Front of Stage Pen”.

While Blossoms performed on the main stage, the Record saw a security guard tell half a dozen different people in less than a minute that they couldn’t get in through the door.

A party animal is fired

Many pleaded with him to ask him if he would make an exception, but they were fired over and over again.

A puzzled reveler told the Record: “I don’t understand it. I have never seen this at any other festival in the past.

“Why can’t they just let us pass?” “

Another said: “All my friends are in front and I have to go for a walk. It’s not that complicated, but it just seems unnecessary.

A spokesperson for TRNSMT explained that the system was introduced to help manage crowd numbers.

TRNSMT revelers scratch their heads in a separate area in front of the stage
The entrance to the ‘Pen before the stage’

He said, “The stage enclosures have two sets of entrances.

“The first two are for early access, but it’s understandable that this area can fill up at which point, fans are directed to the two side entrances – for easy access.

“This is a system widely used at festivals for crowd safety and flow management.

“Our site management team is extremely attentive to the number of people, using the expertise of our stewards as well as the on-site video surveillance of the central control center.

TRNSMT revelers scratch their heads in a secluded area in front of the stage
Party time in Glasgow Green

“There are also signs around these entrances that let people know if early access points are currently open or closed, which we encourage fans to check out on their approach to these areas.”

The 2021 festival got off to a flying start as revelers flooded the gates of Glasgow Green from 11am for the first of a three-day musical extravaganza.

TRNSMT revelers scratch their heads in a secluded area in front of the stage
Party of revelers at TRNSMT

The atmosphere was full of impatience and the excitement was palpable as the stage lit up for the start of the long-awaited festival.

Music fans partied with AJ Tracey, Blossoms and Sam Fender before the Courteeners took to the stage.

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