Trolli trying to revive MySpace in honor of their latest creation


MySpace might feel like it was yesterday, but the creatives at Trolli think anything can happen. And thanks to their new Martian Mix, it means going back to our roots on social media.

This is what they call a “sour gummi invasion!” The aliens landed and they ended up on MySpace. In a press release from Trolli, we learned that the sour gum specialists are going out of their way with their latest creation – the Martian Mix. This mix offers sour candy lovers a buildable pack of sisters that lets you create up to 216 combinations of flavors and shapes.

Each bag comes with alien heads, bases and rings that you can mix and match using six unique sweet and sour flavors. Each sachet will contain these flavors: pineapple, mango, lemonade, blue raspberry, watermelon and strawberry.

But that’s not all that makes this Martian Mix so fun. After all, these aliens have landed on MySpace from all places.

Trolli takes over… MySpace?!? Image courtesy Ferrara

Trolli takes over MySpace with his new Martian Mix

For a limited time starting May 11, Trolli fans can head to MySpace for a chance to find Easter Eggs hidden within the 216 alien profiles that have been set up. It’s a chance to win epic prizes, including a Lifetime Trolli Stash or a trip for two to where we all know the aliens have landed – Roswell, New Mexico (of course!).

Want to get a head start on tracking down these aliens? This randomization link will get you started on your epic journey through MySpace, a place where aliens thought they were going to hang out with funny people on social media only to find the once popular site was all but abandoned.

This is the first time that the brand has offered a “physical to digital experience” to its fans and it means they will do it all. But of course, if you just want to get your hands on the Martian Mix, that’s fine too. In fact, we’ve totally figured it out because we want to start eating these sour, sweet treats ASAP!

Lucky for all of us, the new Martian Mix is ​​already hitting stores like Walmart, CVS, Target, and Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to put on your snack!

Are you going to go to MySpace to hunt down those Martian Trolli? Are you excited for the flavors to build? Let us know what you think of this new version of sour gummies in the comments below.

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