Uttar Pradesh cabinet allows free distribution of mustard and ragi seed kits


Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Saturday approved a proposal to distribute free mini seed kits of mustard, its short term variety and ragi (finger millet) to farmers in view of rainfall deficit in Uttar Pradesh.

The state cabinet which approved the proposal by circulating method authorized Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to request free distribution of seeds of other varieties, if needed.

A sum of 8.67 crores would be spent on subsidies for the distribution of certified seeds of these crops. Twenty-five percent of the free kits would be distributed to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmers. The remaining 75% would go to farmers from other castes.

The decision to distribute free seed kits should lead to the production of 1,80,000 tons of mustard and its short-lived variety and 6,000 tons of ragi. Farmers would benefit by an average amount of 10,000 per hectare.


The State Cabinet has approved a proposal to issue a letter of comfort for the provision of special facilities to Inox Air Products Private Limited for the establishment of a unit with an investment of 200 crores in the Dhaurahawa Industrial Zone in Rae Bareli. The special facilities will be provided in accordance with the provisions of the Oxygen Generation Promotion Policy of Uttar Pradesh 2021. The establishment of the unit will assist the state in providing oxygen and lead to the establishment of new job opportunities.


The State Cabinet has approved a proposal to allocate Nazul land for the installation of two tube wells under the Amrut scheme in Ayodhya. The specified nazul land would be allocated to the state government without any cost. There should be no religious/historic buildings on the land to be allocated and the land would not be used for any other purpose.


The State Cabinet has approved a proposed expansion of Rudauli Nagar Palika (Ayodhya District), Baghpat Nagar Palika, Baghpat Nagar Palika Parishad, Nagar Palika Parishad Karnailganj, Gonda and Shahabad (Hardoi) Nagar Palika Parishad. He also approved the expansion of seven Nagar panchayats which include the urban local bodies of Zaidpur (Barabanki), Fatehpur, Radhakund (Mathura), Kotra (Jalaun), Illitfatganj (Ambedkarnagar), Iglas (Aligarh) and Ikdil (Etawah). He also approved the expansion proposals of Nagar Panchayat Dharamsinghwa (Sant Kabir Nagar), Nagar Panchayat Rupaideeha (Bahraich), Nagar Panchayat Bhaluani, Madanpur (Deoria), Nagar Panchayat Shivgarh (Rae Bareli) and Nagar Panchayat Khimsepur (Farrukhabad). It approved a proposal to upgrade Nagar Panchayat Bilariaganj to Nagar Palika Parishad by including 66 additional villages.


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